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Helper Charger Primary Metal Processing Job Descriptions

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11) Metallographer Job Description
Conducts microscopic, macroscopic, and other tests and investigations on samples of metals and alloys for purposes as metallurgical control over products or use in developing new or improved grades types of metals, alloys, or production methods. Directs laboratory personn...
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12) Tuber machine operator Helper Job Description
Assists Tuber-Machine Operator in extruding rubber stock in specified form. Turns bolts to secure dies in machine, using wrenches. Feeds rubber stock into machine by hand or conveyor. May lift braided fabric hose onto turntable for feeding into machine that covers hos...
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13) Printer slotter Helper Job Description
Feeds precut paperboard blanks or sheets into machine that prints, scores, perforates, and slots them for forming into boxes. Loads precut blanks into automatic machine feeder, or positions stacks of paperboard sheets against guides on feed table inserts each sheet into ma...
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14) Metal spray Operator Job Description
Sets up and operates flame-spray equipment machine tools to build up worn parts, like crankshafts, motor shafts, clutch plates, and piston rods, and to salvage defective machined parts, according to specifications. Washes object with solvents, or heats object wit...
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15) Exterminator Helper Termite Job Description
Assists Exterminator, Termite in treating termite-infested buildings. Digs around foundations to be chemically treated and digs ditches for forms, using pick shovel. Carries lumber, building materials and tools to work site. Crawls underneath buildings to...
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16) Cutter Helper Job Description
Assists in cutting materials for articles, like bedspreads, curtains, draperies, garment parts, and glove parts. Spreads material on cutting table. Removes cut material from table lays it over rack or in handtruck. Performs other duties as described under Helper Mas...
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17) Machine Long goods Helper Job Description
Feeds and off bears macaroni containers on off macaroni press, drier conveyors, and stick-handling equipment. Lays empty sticks macaroni holders on stick filler-feeder machine. Aligns out-of-line sticks moving along drier conveyor. Lifts sticks filled with mois...
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18) Protective signal repairer Helper Job Description
Assists Protective-Signal Repairer to repair electrical protective signaling systems. Examines electrical units for loose connections broken insulation. Tightens connections, using wrench. Disassembles defective parts of system, using handtools. Removes as well a...
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19) House mover Helper Job Description
Assists House Mover to move buildings from one site to another on trailer trucks or rollers, performing any combination of following duties. Disconnects water and sewer lines, using wrenches, sledgehammer, chisel, or block tackle. Raises building uniformly to prevent cracking o...
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20) Office Helper Job Description
Performs any combination of following duties in business office of commercial or industrial establishment. Furnishes workers with supplies. Opens, sorts and distributes incoming mail and collects, seals and stamps outgoing mail. Delivers oral or w...
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