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Hauler Job Descriptions

Looking for hauler job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Hauler Job Description
Drives one or more draft animals to pull materials, vehicles, or implements, like logs, wagons, grading scrapers, fertilizer spreaders, plows, or scoops. Jiggles, pulls and slackens reins and gives oral commands to control movement of team. May harness hitch team to material, vehicle, or imp...
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2) Filling Sorter And Hauler Job Description
Sorts yarn according to type, size, weight, color, blend, and quality for storage or distribution to other departments. May doff winding machines. May convey yarn to storage or other departments, using...
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3) Overhauler Job Description
Repairs and rebuilds machinery and equipment, using handtools measuring instruments. Adjusts parts, like rollers and cylinders, using wrenches thickness gauges. Aligns levels spinning, twisting and slubber frames, using straightedge, level and plumb bob....
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4) Field Hauler Job Description
Drives truck or tractor with trailer attached to gather transport harvested crop in field. Hauls trailer alongside crew loading crop or adjacent to harvesting machine regulates speed to keep abreast of crew. Hauls loaded trailers from field to highway or packing shed, uncouples trailer,...
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5) Overhauler Helper Job Description
Assists Overhauler 628. 261-010 in repairing and rebuilding machinery equipment. Carries or trucks tools, equipment,and parts to work area. Removes, disassembles, assembles and aligns motors mechanisms. Cleans parts, machines, and work area, using cloth,...
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6) Motor Overhauler Job Description
Cleans, assembles, and tests motors of locomotives streetcars. Disassembles motors by removing bolts and nuts from motor case heads, fastening crane hook to case heads armatures and directing Hoisting Engineer any industry to hoist parts from motor cases. Routes armatures to...
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7) Vat Overhauler Job Description
Loads cuts of meat into pickling vats or barrels to cure meat preparatory to smoking. Packs arranges meat in vats or barrels by hand or with meat hook for making sure maximum saturation. Turns valves to admit curing solution into vats or pours in solution by hand. Covers vat or barrel...
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8) Milk Hauler Job Description
Drives insulated tank truck to transport bulk milk between farms, dairies, and commercial establishments. Examines milk to detect sediment or stale odor and takes sample for laboratory analysis. Observes level gauge of storage tank & computes records weight of milk in tank. Connects...
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9) Machine Overhauler Job Description
Repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturers specifications, machinery and mechanical equipment, like engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment, using handtools,...
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10) Log Hauler Job Description
Drives truck, equipped with long-tongued trailer, to haul logs from forest to mill or storage yard. Maneuvers truck into loading position according to signals from loading crew. Fastens chain or cable binders around logs to secure load on trailer during transit. May release binders start p...
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