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Handthermal Cutter Job Descriptions

Looking for handthermal cutter job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) HandThermal Cutter Job Description
Cuts, trims, or scarfs metal objects to dimensions, contour, or bevel specified by blueprints, layout, work order, or oral instructions, using thermal-cutting equipment. Lifts positions workpiece onto table, manually or using jib or crane. Connects hoses from torch to oxygen tank f...
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2) Cutter Aluminum Sheet Job Description
Cuts sheet aluminum to specified shape for use as boat hulls decks, using portable saw. Stacks sheets of aluminum on cutting table positions pattern on top sheet. Outlines pattern on sheet, using scribe. Guides saw around outline to cut out hull or deck parts. Drills holes along...
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3) Drum reel Cutter Job Description
Operates machine to wind plastic material onto reel cut wound material into lengths for use in making articles, like curtains, draperies, and table covers. Positions roll of plastic material on machine brackets, threads end of material through tension rollers and clamps or tape...
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4) Cutter And Edge Trimmer Job Description
Saws and grinds gates and flash from castings of novelty jewelry trophy figurines. Starts bandsaw positions casting against revolving blade to cut off gate. Scrapes off flash smooths rough surfaces, using belt-sanding machine, rotary file and h...
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5) Molded rubber goods Cutter Job Description
Tends machines that cut trim cured rubber articles, like ear plugs, water goggles, and automotive parts, from molded rubber sheets. Selects cutting die fastens to bed of cutting machine with clamps or bolts. Positions molded rubber sheet over die, feeling with fingers...
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6) Cutter Helper Job Description
Assists in cutting materials for articles, like bedspreads, curtains, draperies, garment parts, and glove parts. Spreads material on cutting table. Removes cut material from table lays it over rack or in handtruck. Performs other duties as described under Helper Mas...
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7) Cutter And Presser Job Description
Tends cutting and stamping equipment that cuts bars of soap from logs long bars of soap embosses bars with firm name or trademark. Moves controls to regulate machine speed to maintain uniform movement of soap through plodder bar-forming machine , cutting stamping machines...
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8) Stonecutter Assistant Job Description
Sharpens buhrstones in grain grinding mills under direction of Miller, Head, Wet Process br Removes bolts holding buhrstones in mill, using wrench and places stones on workbench, using hoist. Brushes face of stone with broom. Recuts floors concentric grooves near center of...
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9) Deli Cutter slicer Job Description
Cuts delicatessen meats cheeses, using slicing machine, knives, or other cutters. Places meat or cheese on cutting board cuts slices to designated thickness, using knives or other hand cutters. Positions clamps meat or cheese on carriage of slicing machine. Adjusts knob to set mach...
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10) Die Cutter Diamond Job Description
Laps polishes bores of diamond wire drawing dies to specified dimensions. Positions die in holding device of machine. Inserts steel needle in machine spindle, positions needle inside bore of die starts machine which rotates needle in bore. Dabs progressively finer diamond-dust past...
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