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Hand Inspector Job Descriptions

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31) Handstitching Machine Collar Feller Job Description
Operates sewing machine that simulates handstitching to join undercollar to neckline of br Adjusts machine for depth of needle penetration, depending on fabric. Performs duties as described under Sewing-Machine Operator, Regular Equipment any industry Master Tit...
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32) Field Control Inspector Job Description
Inspects police stations and examines personnel case records to make sure that police personnel conform to prescribed standards of appearance, conduct, and efficiency. Inspects premises and police records & observes activities in assigned division for evidence of...
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33) Quality control Inspector Job Description
Inspects completed handtools and parts in process, using statistical sampling techniques following printed procedures, to evaluate quality of products. Selects, according to sampling tables, percentage of production lot of tools, like planes, bit braces, levels, garde...
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34) Merchandising Representative Job Description
Interviews people compiles statistical information on topics, like public issues or consumer buying habits. Contacts people at home or place of business, or approaches persons at random on street, or contacts them by telephone, following specified sampling procedures. Ask...
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35) Inspecting And Testing Lead Hand Job Description
Assists supervisor in coordinating activities of workers engaged in inspecting testing electronic components for compliance to company standards. Receives boxes of components records identifying information on specified forms. Collects random lot samples, according to...
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36) Way Inspector Job Description
Inspects railroad roadbed equipment to detect damage, wear, or defective equipment requiring repair. Observes condition of roadbed from railcar. Stops car examines switches, fishplates and rails to detect damaged, worn, or defective equipment, loose bolts and r...
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37) Vehicle safety Inspector Job Description
Inspects automobiles trucks at state-operated inspection station to make sure compliance with state safety requirements. Examines or tests specified components of vehicle, like brake system, tires, lighting system, directional signals, steering, horn and exhaust line for evi...
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38) Inspector Water pollution Control Job Description
Inspects sites where discharges enter state waters investigates complaints concerning water pollution problems. Inspects wastewater treatment facilities at sites, like mobile home parks, sewage treatment plants and other sources of pollution. Inspects lagoons area w...
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39) Pesticide control Inspector Job Description
Inspects operations of distributors commercial applicators of pesticides to define compliance with government regulations on handling, sale, and use of pesticides. Inspects premises of wholesale and retail distributors for making sure that registered pesticides are h...
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40) Woodworking shop Hand Job Description
Performs any combination of following duties to facilitate cutting, finishing, storing, cleaning, and shipping wood products, and inspects products prior to shipment. Stacks lumber or wood products on floor or in bins to supply machine operators or assemblers, or in ki...
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