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Farmer Fruit Crops Bush And Vine Job Descriptions

Looking for farmer fruit crops bush and vine job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Farmer Fruit Crops Bush And Vine Job Description
Plants and cultivates fruit bushes and vines and harvests crops, like grapes, cranberries, and strawberries, applying knowledge of growth characteristics of specific varieties soil, climate, and market conditions. Determines varieties quantities of p...
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2) Garden Farmer Job Description
Determines kind and amount of crop to be grown, according to market conditions, weather and size location of farm. Selects & purchases seed, fertilizer and farm machinery arranges with buyers for sale of crop. Hires directs farm workers engaged in planting, cultivating, a...
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3) Livestock Farmer Job Description
Breeds and raises livestock, like beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, horses, reindeer, sheep, and swine, for such purposes as sale of meat, riding or working stock, breeding, or for show; for products, like milk, wool, and hair. Selects breeds animals according to kno...
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4) FruitFarmworker Job Description
Drives and operates farm machinery to plant, cultivate, spray, and harvest fruit nut crops, like apples, oranges, strawberries, and pecans. Attaches farm implements, like plow, planter, fertilizer applicator and harvester to tractor and drives tractor in fields to p...
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5) Harvest Worker Fruit Job Description
Harvests fruits nuts, like cherries, strawberries, grapes, oranges, and pecans, according to method appropriate for type of fruit, by hand or using tools, like shears, rubber mallet, pronged scoop, or hooked pole. Carries positions work aids, like ladders, canvas drop cloths...
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6) Fruit grader Operator Job Description
Tends machine that grades fruit according to size. Changes chains other driving gear according to type of fruit. Directs workers engaged in loading of elevator belt removal of graded fruit. Cleans and lubricates chains, bearings, and machine gears, using rags grease...
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7) Fruit buying Grader Job Description
Examines, sorts, and grades sample fruit from load at receiving point. Takes random samples from load, weighs sample and containers and calculates net weight tare of total load. Sorts sample fruit by grade size, according to company or government specifications. Weighs each...
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8) Farmer Tree fruit and nut Crops Job Description
Plants and cultivates trees, like apple, orange, and walnut, and harvests fruit and nut crops, applying knowledge of horticulture market conditions. Determines varieties quantities of trees to be grown, acreage to be tilled and employees to be hired....
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9) Farmer Cash Grain Job Description
Plants, cultivates, and harvests one or more grain crops, like barley, corn, rice, soybeans, and wheat, for cash sale. Selects and buys type & amount of seed to be grown, taking into consideration local growing conditions market demands. Operates equipment to plow, disk,...
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10) Bee Farmer Job Description
Raises bees to produce honey pollinate crops. Assembles beehives, using handtools. Arranges with sellers for purchases of honeybee colonies. Inserts honeycomb of bees into beehive or inducts wild swarming bees into hive of prepared honeycomb frames. Places screen plug in hive entrance to c...
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