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Etcher Enameling Job Descriptions

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11) Etcher stripper Semiconductor Wafers Job Description
Immerses semiconductor wafers in series of chemical baths to etch circuitry patterns into or to strip excess photoresist from wafer surfaces. Places semiconductor wafers in containers, like boats or cassettes, using vacuum wand or tweezers. Immerses loaded contain...
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12) Electrolytic Etcher Job Description
Tends equipment that electrolytically etches markings, like insignias, trademarks, and part numbers on metal articles. Turns switches on power control unit to allow flow of electric current through electrolytic solution in tank. Positions workpiece on stencil against contact...
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13) Screen Stretcher Job Description
Stretches fastens screening material to metal frames to make printing screens, using either of following methods. 1 Positions frame in holding fixture of stretcher. Places specified length of screening material, like silk, polyester, or metal mesh, over frame secures edges of mater...
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14) Hand Hide Stretcher Job Description
Smooths, stretches, and dries cowhides, using slicker squeegee-type device and steam-heated tables, to extend thin hides for further processing. Carries wet hide from rack to steam-heated table and manually extends smooths hide on table. Rubs hide with slicker to st...
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15) Optical glass Etcher Job Description
Etches numerals and graduation lines on prisms other optical glass surfaces for use in optical instruments, using pantograph engraver. Mounts glass specimens in holder. Dips glass elements in molten wax to obtain uniform protective coating. Positions tracing stylus of pant...
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16) Stretcher Job Description
Examines finished cloth for defects, like grease spots, tears, and variations in color, finish, and dimensions. Measures width of cloth with ruler to detect variations from customer plant standards. Turns through cloth folds or pulls cloth over inspection frame & feels and...
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17) Printed Circuit Boards Plasma Etcher Job Description
Tends plasma equipment that dry etches unprotected copper from substrate boards or panels to form circuit patterns on printed circuit boards Pcbs br Hangs boards or panels on racks in plasma tank locks door. Adjusts controls, according to process specifications,...
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18) Etcher Hand Job Description
Etches images designs on surface of printing rollers coated with photo or acid resist on which images have been transferred photographically or engraved pantographically, utilizing knowledge of colors, fabrics, and etching printing techniques. Studies design sheet to define etching...
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19) Printed Circuit Boards Stripper etcher Job Description
Tends equipment that strips photoresist film etches layers of copper laminate from exposed surface of printed circuit board Pcb panels leaving unexposed areas to form conductive circuitry pattern. Reads process specifications and adjusts equipment controls to...
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20) Photoengraving Etcher Job Description
Etches metal photographic plates to produce photoengraved printing plates, using etching machines, handtools, and chemicals. Mixes caustic or acid solutions according to type metal plate being etched. Brushes protective resist solution on back edges of metal plate to prot...
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