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Drier Job Descriptions

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41) Drier Operator V Job Description
Feeds wet smokeless powder into equipment that dries powder removes process solvents, like acetone, ether, and alcohol. Observes gauges to ascertain that temperature of water is within specified limits. Removes filled containers of dried powder from equipment, using...
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42) Sock Drier Job Description
Pulls socks and stockings over heated metal forms to dry finish them. Folds and stacks the ironed socks stockings. May cover small hole with adhesive cloth patch apply heat to secure patch to fabri...
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43) Drier Unloader Job Description
Operates transfer car to move carloads of pipe and boiler covering moldings from driers to work storage areas. Presses button to raise door of drier. Pulls pushes carloads of moldings along track out of drier to loading platform. Weighs moldings for moisture content compares wei...
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44) Centrifugal drier Operator Job Description
Tends centrifugal drier that removes water or other liquids from slurries. Inserts filter cloth screen in basket of centrifugal drum. Lowers bell-shaped cover over outlet in bottom of basket if unit is bottom-discharge type shovels, pours, or pumps slurry into basket. Close...
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45) Primer Expeditor And Drier Job Description
Tends vacuum tank that dries priming mixture, and dries and stores loaded cartridge primers primed rim-fire cartridge cases. Transfers trays or boards filled with explosive primers or cases from loading room to steam-heated dryhouse, using shockproof cart. Place...
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46) Flat Drier Job Description
Tends equipment that dries felt strips, assisted by another worker. Removes work ticket from rolls of felt and records on ticket drying time temperature required to dry felt. Places felt rolls on holding fixture of drying chamber and turns handcrank to adjust carrier rack of...
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47) Drier Helper Job Description
Performs variety of manual duties in drying storing materials, as directed. Turns valves to fill sample bottles for laboratory testing. Inspects product through sight glasses at various stages of drying process to detect malfunctions. Inspects equipment piping for leaks or malfunctions....
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48) Steam drier Operator Job Description
Tends machine that dries skeins of yarn. Turns valves to set temperature of drying cabinet according to specifications. Starts fans to circulate heat in drying cabinet. Places yarn skeins on conveyor that conveys yarn through cabinet, hangs skeins on drying rack and pushes...
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49) Enamel Drier Job Description
Sprays finish coat of enamel onto cast-iron sanitary units, like bathtubs and sinks bakes unit to provide permanent finish. Wheels units into furnace for preheating, using steel fork mounted on overhead conveyor. Observes color of unit through window in furnace for defining when d...
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50) Veneer Redrier Job Description
Tends platen drier that redries veneer to make sure uniform moisture content before gluing into plywood or furniture parts. Turns valve to admit steam to platens adjusts pressure control so that specified steam pressure will be supplied to heat platens. Inserts veneer between platens t...
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