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Drier Job Descriptions

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21) Stock drier Tender Job Description
Tends machine that completes drying of dyed raw cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers, from which excess liquid has been extracted. Feeds raw stock to conveyor by hand or turns switch to control vacuum pipe through which stock is fed onto conveyor. Moves lever to regulate speed of scre...
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22) Continuous linter drier Operator Job Description
Tends equipment that fluffs dries cotton linters or woodpulp for further processing into explosives. Places portion of linters or woodpulp on revolving rollers that feed it into cylinder equipped with picking spikes. Inspects fluffed material for presence of impuritie...
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23) Steam drier Tender Job Description
Tends equipment that steams and dries fiber mats to untwist yarns impart fuller surface to mat. Adjusts steam valves to regulate flow of spray on mats. Pushes button to start conveyor that moves mats through steam drying cabinets. Loads mats on conveyor and observes t...
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24) Soap drier Operator Job Description
Tends equipment and machinery that converts viscous soap into flakes removes excess moisture from flakes. Turns valves to admit refrigerated water into rollers to chill them to specified temperature to harden soap. Opens valve to allow viscous soap to flow from crutcher mac...
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25) Tray drier Operator Job Description
Tends tray drier and drum filter that dries and filters activated carbon sludge used in variety of industrial consumer applications. Turns dials and observes temperature moisture gauges to control drying process. Pushes empty trays onto roller conveyor for filling with sl...
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26) Pulp drier Firer Job Description
Tends drum-type rotary driers and heating kilns, from central control station, to remove moisture from beet pulp molasses mixture being processed into cattle fodder. Moves controls to admit fuel and air into kiln ignite fire in kiln. Adjusts controls to obtain specified tempe...
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27) Tray Drier Job Description
Tends machine that dries preboarded dyed hose in perforated trays. Removes folded hose from dye bag smooths out wrinkles. Places hose into tray of drying machine pushes filled tray into drying cabinet. Pulls tray from cabinet after hose have dried for specified time. Removes stacks hose on...
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28) Tubing Drier Job Description
Tends machine that dries cloth without tension to give cloth a soft hand, or cures finish applied to cloth. Positions trucks of cloth at feed end of machine. Laps end of cloth over feed roller or ties end of cloth to leader in machine. Turns knob to set temperature control gauge accordin...
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29) Oven drier Tender Job Description
Tends machines that dry packages of dyed or bleached yarn by any of following methods. 1 Removes yarn packages from yarn stand places them on drying-oven rack. Sets temperature control gauges according to specifications pushes rack of yarn into drying oven. 2 Positions loaded ya...
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30) Fish Drier Job Description
Dries fish, like salmon, cod, herring, or sardines. Hangs fish on racks or poles, or places them in trays. Sets racks, poles, or trays in drying roo...
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