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Drier Job Descriptions

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11) Short Goods Drier Job Description
Observes meters gauges to make sure that drying process of macaroni short goods proceeds as scheduled. Patrols drying room and reads instruments & charts that control record automatic drying process in preliminary, secondary and final drying chambers. Reports deviations from speci...
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12) Spray drier Operator Job Description
Operates spray drier to evaporate water from clay slip to form pellets used in production of mosaic quarry, wall floor tile. Connects hose to ball mill drier pump, using wrenches and opens valves. Sets controls on panelboard for specified temperatures & pressure in drier to rout...
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13) Glue bone Drier Job Description
Empties bone cooking tanks tends oven that dries bones from which glue has been extracted. Opens bottom of bone cooking tank. Starts feed mechanism rotary paddles of oven. Places rod into top of cooking tank pushes bones through opening of tank bottom into feed mechanism of oven. When...
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14) Drier and pulverizer Tender Job Description
Tends mill that dries pulverizes pasty materials. Starts mill, turns valves and observes gauges to regulate temperature suction as specified. Hoists containers of materials to be milled onto loading platform, using chain fall and dumps specified quantity of m...
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15) Port Drier Job Description
Tends machines that dry packages of dyed or bleached yarn by any of following methods. 1 Removes yarn packages from yarn stand places them on drying-oven rack. Sets temperature control gauges according to specifications pushes rack of yarn into drying oven. 2 Positions loaded yarn stan...
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16) Tunnel drier Operator Job Description
Operates atmospheric tunnel driers that heat liquids or slurries to remove water or other volatile liquids. Moves controls to regulate preheaters, fans and conveyor belts or other material feeding mechanisms to maintain continuous operation. Turns steam valves sets automatic te...
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17) Vacuum drier Tender Job Description
Tends vacuum driers that heat solids to remove water or other liquids. Observes temperature indicators and vacuum gauges & turns steam valves and sets dials to regulate temperature vacuum pressure in drier as specified. Observes drying material in glass viewer of equipmen...
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18) Drum Drier Job Description
Operates steam-heated drum drier in vacuum tank to dry liquid cereal mixture to specified consistency. Adjusts temperature regulator of vacuum tank to specified setting. Starts vacuum pump revolving drum in vacuum tank. Turns valve to raise level of liquid in pan beneath drum, causing thin...
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19) Drier Long Goods Job Description
Tends battery of preset, final drying chambers that automatically dry macaroni long goods. Pushes rack of macaroni into drying chambers starts drying cycle. Observes hydrometer on chamber removes rack of dried macaroni after completion of drying cycle. Records date and time of...
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20) Drier Attendant Job Description
Hangs s, like skirts and suits, on hooks suspended from chain conveyor that carries s through curing oven to dry cure finish applied to br Removes cured s from conveyor onto rack for further p...
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