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Correctional Officer Job Description Duties Template
1) Correctional Officer Job Description Duties
Correctional officer - Directs prison rehabilitation programs assignment of inmates under direction of Director, Institution any industry br Plans and coordinates programs for providing educational, recreational and spiritual services; supplying medical, dental and psychiatric treatment; meeting o...

2) Commanding Officer Motor Transport Division Job Description Duties
Commanding officer motor transport division - Directs coordinates activities of personnel engaged in repairing, maintaining, and modifying motor vehicles used by municipal or metropolitan police force. Plans schedules departmental activities to maintain police vehicles in operating condition. Revi...

3) Conservation Officer Job Description Duties
Conservation officer - Patrols assigned area to prevent game law violations, investigate reports of damage to crops property by wildlife, and compile biological data. Travels through area by car, boat, airplane, horse and on foot to observe persons engaged in taking fish and game, for making sur...

4) Radio Officer Job Description Duties
Radio officer - Operates and maintains radiotelegraph and radiotelephone equipment accessories aboard ship. Turns on power to activate generator and throws switches to cut in transmitters antennas. Turns dials to obtain sending frequency volume. Receives transmits messages following procedure...

5) Correction Officer Head Job Description Duties
Correction officer head - Supervises coordinates activities of Correction Officers br Conducts roll call of officers issues duty assignments. Directs release or transfer of prisoners based on court order instructions. Investigates reports causes of inmate disturbances, like assaults, fights, and al...

6) State highway Police Officer Job Description Duties
State highway police officer - Patrols state highways within assigned area, in vehicle equipped with two-way radio, to enforce motor vehicle criminal laws. Arrests or warns persons guilty of violating motor vehicle regulations safe driving practices. Monitors passing traffic to detect stolen vehicles a...

7) Commanding Officer Radio Division Communications Officer Job Description Duties
Commanding officer radio division communications officer - Directs and coordinates various activities of personnel engaged in installing and maintaining municipal emergency business radio communications equipment, and in operating police, fire, or other municipal radio transmitters. Ensure...

8) Correctional Officer And Jailer Job Description Duties
Correctional officer and jailer - Maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations, accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations, being honest and ethical, being careful about d...

9) Protective Officer Job Description Duties
Protective officer - Guards government installations, materials, and documents against illegal acts, like sabotage, riot, and espionage. Patrols area on foot, horseback, automobile, or aircraft to detect prevent unauthorized activities, using weapons or physical force as necessary. Searches i...

10) Revenue Officer Job Description Duties
Revenue officer - Investigates and collects delinquent federal taxes and secures delinquent tax returns from individuals or business firms according to prescribed laws regulations. Investigates delinquent tax cases referred by agency investigators, and leads found in newspapers, trade jo...

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