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Corner Former Job Descriptions

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41) Glass bulb machine Former Tubular Stock Job Description
Operates automatic, multiunit machine to form bulbs other glass products from tubular stock. Loads glass tubes in feed mechanism and clamps collets around rods to secure position tubular stock for molding process. Observes operation for defining variations fro...
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42) Top Former Job Description
Tends machine that shapes shoe uppers on heated forming die. Positions shoe upper on heated forming die pulls lever to bring padded pressing arm against shoe to shape back part of upper. Releases lever after specified time removes shoe upper...
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43) Corner trimmer Operator Job Description
Operates machine to trim corners of lock-corner wooden boxes. Adjusts position of guide rails, using wrench. Starts saw & holds corner of box against guide rails pushes box into saw, trimming excess material from lock-corner. Piles trimmed boxes on...
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44) Four corner stayer machine Operator Job Description
Tends machine that folds tapes corners of cardboard box blanks to form containers. Bolts box form to machine ram, using wrench and adjusts walls of well to correspond to size of box form. Places reels of tape on machine feedrack & threads tape through feed moistur...
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45) Round corner cutter Operator Job Description
Tends machine that cuts round corners on paper goods printed products, like notebook paper, tablets, pamphlets, and booklets. Reads job ticket to define number of items to be processed and number designation of corners to be rounded. Adjusts rounding dies to specifi...
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46) Lock corner machine Operator Job Description
Operates routing machine with horizontal spindles to cut matching dovetail or rectangular tenon mortise to form interlocking joints in end of woodstock. Selects, installs and spaces bits on spindles of machine according to width and number of cuts specified, using rule...
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47) Drapery head Former Job Description
Forms heading in drapes, using shears, steam iron, and sizing device. Lays drapes on table to straighten fabric. Measures fabric to specification & fastens material to table, using sizing device clamps. Cuts uneven edges of material with shears. Folds material over crinoline...
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48) Corner cutter machine Operator Job Description
Tends machine that cuts V-or-L-shape pieces from corners of scored cardboard blanks to facilitate folding forming boxes or from corners of paper sheets used for covering boxes. Turns wheel to adjust angle and position of guides on machine according to size of sheet or...
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49) Glove Turner And Former Job Description
Pulls gloves over heated, hand-shaped form and smooths with hands, cloth, or brush to shape press gloves. Presses thick portion of heavy gloves by beating finger tips seams with wooden block. May smooth glove between fingers crotch by pulling rake pronged bar over g...
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50) Transformer Rebuilder Job Description
Cleans repairs distribution, streetlight, and instrument transformers. Disassembles transformers, using handtools and opens valve to drain oil. Boils metal transformer case & cover in chemical solution to remove grease, rinses with hose and dries with cloth to...
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