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Centrifuge Tender Chemical Processing Job Descriptions

Looking for centrifuge tender chemical processing job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Core composer machine Tender Job Description
Tends core composer machine that automatically glues salvaged veneer strips together to form continuous sheet, saws continuous sheet in half, and clips sawn sheets to standard length for use as plywood core stock. Presses button to start machine. Depresses pedal to c...
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2) Gum rolling machine Tender Job Description
Operates one or more machines that roll chewing gum into sheets score partially cut sheets to specified size. Turns handwheels to adjust rollers, knives and scoring blades on machine to regulate thickness of sheet gum depth of scoring, according to specifications, using...
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3) Chocolate and cocoa Processing Supervisor Job Description
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in producing and packaging chocolate cocoa products. Designates quantities types of beans to clean, roast, blend, alkalize and grind to make chocolate liquor. Indicates time sequence, quantity,...
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4) Swing Tender Job Description
Off bears from delivery end of range or machine that dyes, finishes, washes, treats, or dries cloth or other goods. Observes as cloth winds onto rolls or passes through swing-folding attachment into trucks notifies supervisor of obvious flaws. Measures cloth with ruler & feels cloth dis...
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5) Heating and ventilating Tender Job Description
Tends ventilating and heating equipment, like fans, vacuum pumps, air compressors, vents ducts, and lubrication-oil coolers used in buildings or industrial processes. Adjusts valves to regulate temperature of lubrication oil flow of water through system. Mov...
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6) Tricot warper Tender Job Description
Tends high-speed warpers that automatically wind yarn in parallel sheets onto beams preparatory to dyeing, weaving, or knitting. Examines yarn in creel for making sure that yarn corresponds to warp pattern sheet specifications, for number of yarn ends, arrangement of yarn in cree...
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7) Tenderizer Tender Job Description
Tends machine that trims uneven edges of veneer sheets and tenderizes indents breaks wood fibers of veneer for composing into plywood core sheets. Pushes buttons and pedal to start machine to raise veneer stack on lift table to feeding height. Aligns uneven edges of veneer...
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8) Belt Tender Job Description
Tends conveyor or conveyor system that moves materials or products by belt, auger, or bucket conveyors to and from stockpiles, bins, silos, processing operations, or departments, or to load and unload railroad cars trucks. Moves levers or pushes buttons to start conveyor. Loads co...
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9) Marble machine Tender Job Description
Tends machine that automatically forms marbles of varying colors sizes from molten glass. Adjusts flow of molten glass, temperature of cooling system and size of automatic cutoff. Starts machine that cuts off glass lumps drops them between rollers to for...
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10) Production machine Tender Glass Cutting or grinding Job Description
Tends automatic machines that cut, grind, or polish glass products, like glass tubes or glassware. Reads work orders to define product specifications. Loads product onto machine holding feeding devices and starts machine that cuts, grin...
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