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Box Inspector Wood Job Descriptions

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31) Inspector And Clerk Job Description
Inspects and prepares reports concerned with construction maintenance of overhead or underground electric-power line projects or extensions. Inspects pole installations for making sure compliance with work order specifications and records items requiring correction, like l...
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32) Inspector Magnetic Particle And Penetrant Job Description
Inspects chemically treated metallic and nonmetallic parts and assemblies under fluorescent or black lighting for defects, like fissures, weld breaks, or fractures, using magnetic particle or fluid penetrant inspection processes equipment, using eithe...
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33) Inspector Agricultural Commodities Job Description
Inspects agricultural commodities, processing equipment, and facilities to enforce compliance with governmental regulations. Inspects horticultural products, like fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants to detect disease or infestations harmful to consumers o...
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34) Wood Box Maker Job Description
Cuts lumber and assembles cut lumber into boxes crates, using handtools or power tools. Measures, marks and saws boards to specified size, using ruler, pencil and power saws. Assembles nails boards together, using hammer, power stapler, or nailing machine. Repairs damaged cont...
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35) Inspector packer Glass Container Job Description
Inspects finished glassware for conformance to quality standards. Examines glassware for defects, like cracks, chips, reams wavy distortions , discolorations and blisters. Verifies weight dimensions of glassware, like height, circumference, thickness and additionall...
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36) Weld Inspector Job Description
Inspects welded or soldered joints seams for defects, like cracks, cold weld, spatter, and undercuts. Tests joints or seams, using either of following methods. 1 Connects test-fittings to pipe, turns valve to admit compressed air and immerses pipe in water, or brush...
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37) Motor vehicle Inspector Job Description
Inspects automobiles trucks at state-operated inspection station to make sure compliance with state safety requirements. Examines or tests specified components of vehicle, like brake system, tires, lighting system, directional signals, steering, horn and exhaust line for evid...
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38) Inspector Plumbing Job Description
Inspects plumbing installations for conformance to governmental codes, sanitation standards, and construction specifications. Inspects commercial and industrial plumbing systems for conformance to plumbing laws & codes and approved plans specifications. Inspects water-...
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39) Petroleum Inspector Job Description
Inspects consignments of crude or refined petroleum to certify that consignments conform to contract specifications. Lowers container into tank withdraws samples from top, middle and bottom of tank. Pours samples into bottles routes samples to laboratory for analysis. Examines pe...
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40) Plate shop Inspector Job Description
Inspects materials received, finished products, and work in process of fabrication into metal products to make sure conformance with work orders and diagrammatic template specifications. Measures centerlines and reference points to verify initial & assembly layout ma...
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