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Boring mill Set up Operator Horizontal
(Job Description #402699)

sets up and operates horizontal boring, drilling, and milling machine to perform machining operations, like milling, drilling, boring, and reaming metal workpieces, like machine, tool, or die par...

Roving Changer
(Job Description #404195)

replaces sliver cans or bobbins to change type of sliver, roving, or yarn to be run on slubber, speeder, spinning, or twisting frames. threads end of sliver, roving, or yarn through rollers guides of machine. may change gears or travele...

Boat Garnisher
(Job Description #806684146)

installs parts, like hatches, marine hardware, metal trim, seats, cabinets, and windshields on fiberglass, aluminum, or wooden boats, using handtools portable power tools. locates marks position of hardware, seats and other parts...

Radio Officer
(Job Description #101378)

operates and maintains radiotelegraph and radiotelephone equipment accessories aboard ship. turns on power to activate generator and throws switches to cut in transmitters antennas. turns dials to obtain sending frequency volume...

Railroad maintenance Clerk
(Job Description #200075)

compiles and records information pertaining to track and right-of-way repair and maintenance by railroad section crews, like materials used, types locations of repairs made, and hours expended. types or writes r...

Recovery operator Helper
(Job Description #400148)

assists recovery operator smelt. and refin. in operating kiln, ball mill, and conveyor system to recover soluble soda alumina from waste materials. moves controls to adjust feeds to rotary kiln and ball mill t...

Rotary screen printing machine Operator
(Job Description #403470)

operates rotary screen-printing machine to print designs on s. mounts screen-printing rollers in specified sequence on machine. turns knob to set machine speed & adjust pressure of rollers, according to type of...

Reducing salon Attendant
(Job Description #200796)

measures, weighs and records patrons body statistics, refers information to supervisor for evaluation and planning of exercise program, and demonstrates exercises use of equipment. monitors members exercise activi...

Band scroll saw Operator
(Job Description #403667)

operates bandsaw to saw curved or irregular designs on woodstock or to saw thick wooden pieces to size. turns handwheels to adjust machine bed and set tension on blade between drive idler wheels of bandsaw. turns knobs to adj...

Rotary Driller
(Job Description #930382026)

operates gasoline, diesel, electric, or steam draw works to drill oil or gas wells. observes pressure gauge and moves throttles levers to control speed of rotary table which rotates string of tools in borehole and to regulate pressure...

Boilermaker Fitter
(Job Description #805361014)

positions, aligns, and secures structural parts related assemblies of pressure vessels, like boilers, tanks, and vats in specified relationship for subsequent permanent assembly by boilermaker i or welder, boilermaker...

Bulletin Clerk
(Job Description #200016)

assigns operating personnel of busline to partial, temporary, or rush hour runs to meet daily human resource transportation needs of company. records driver staffing requirements for unstaffed scheduled runs from data received from pers...

Beet End Supervisor
(Job Description #400690)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in extracting sugar juice from sugar beets, processing juice into sugar liquor, and processing beet pulp into cattle fodder. reads production schedules and beet delivery re...

Boat Joiner
(Job Description #860381050)

fabricates, assembles, installs, or repairs wooden furnishings in ships or boats according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments. lays out, cuts, assembles and installs wooden parts, like deckhouses,...

Business Representative Labor Union
(Job Description #101221)

manages business affairs of labor union. coordinates and directs such union functions as promoting local membership, placing union members on jobs, arranging local meetings and maintaining relations between union...

Box Labeler
(Job Description #403476)

sets up operates machine to print trademarks, designs, or identifying data on containers like cardboard or wooden boxes, performing any combination of following duties. selects printing plate or type slug, or sets type, according to oral i...

Boiler Cleaner Chief
(Job Description #805667010)

visually inspects boilers and water and steam connection pipes to locate leaks defective parts. notifies work crew of repairs to be made. visually inspects repaired boilers to make sure completion of repair job notifies bo...

Bench Inspector
(Job Description #402750)

inspects materials products, like sheet stock, auto body or engine parts, dental instruments, machine shop parts, and metal castings, for conformance to specifications, using fixed or preset measuring instruments. examines materia...

Box Maker Wood
(Job Description #405995)

cuts lumber and assembles cut lumber into boxes crates, using handtools or power tools. measures, marks and saws boards to specified size, using ruler, pencil and power saws. assembles nails boards together, using hammer, power...

Bed Operator
(Job Description #402816)

tends equipment that transfers rolled steel shapes, like blooms, billets, rails, and pipe from processing lines to cooling beds. presses controls to raise roll stop, start conveyor and position material opposite specified cooling be...

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