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Atmospheric Drier Tender Job Descriptions

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41) Bluing oven Tender Job Description
Assists Heat Treater I or Heat Treater Ii in annealing, hardening, or tempering metal objects by performing any combination of the following duties. Cleans foreign matter, like scale, rust, or grease, from metal objects, using solvents, wire brushes, scrapers, or hammer chise...
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42) Hot frame Tender Job Description
Tends tenter frame that stretches cloth in width, removes wrinkles, and dries cloth after processes, like dyeing or finishing. Trucks folded cloth to feed-end of machine or mounts roll of cloth at scray, using hoist. Sews cloth end to leader in machine, using sewing machine. Tur...
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43) Engine lathe Tender Job Description
Tends lathes, like turret lathes, engine lathes, and chucking machines lathes that cut, shape, drill, bore, thread, or face metal workpieces according to specifications. Lifts workpiece, manually or using hoist and positions and secures workpiece between lathe centers, in...
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44) Line Tender Flakeboard Job Description
Operates machines conveyors to dry, segregate, and treat wood flakes, form them into mats, and press them into flakeboard panels. Starts machines and regulates flow of resin wax additives. Adjusts panel controls to regulate speed of conveyors, drying time temperature...
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45) Heating fixture Tender Job Description
Bonds metal spring clip to plastic clip-on sunglass frames, using electric heating equipment. Pulls lever or slides rod to clamp frames in heating fixture. Removes bonded frames & examines attachment action of clip for freedom of...
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46) Insertion Machine Tender Electronic Components Job Description
Tends computer-controlled machine that automatically inserts electronic components, like resistors, capacitors, diodes, and integrated circuits, into holes of printed circuit boards Pcbs br Inserts specified program tape into machine or types comm...
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47) Back Tender Cloth Printing Job Description
Tends machine that prints designs on fabrics. Pushes cloth roll from handtruck onto rack at back of machine. Sews end of cloth to end of preceding roll, using sewing machine. Starts feed rollers observes cloth as cloth unwinds into scray to detect cloth pieces sewn into ro...
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48) Slubber Tender Job Description
Tends slubber machines that draw out and loosely twist sliver into roving to strengthen sliver for subsequent drawing twisting operations. Fastens ends of sliver from full cans to preceding ends by overlapping and twisting ends with fingers, or threads sliver over guide, throug...
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49) Beam warper Tender Automatic Job Description
Tends high-speed warpers that automatically wind yarn in parallel sheets onto beams preparatory to dyeing, weaving, or knitting. Examines yarn in creel for making sure that yarn corresponds to warp pattern sheet specifications, for number of yarn ends, arrangement of yarn...
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50) Canal Tender Job Description
Controls irrigation system to convey water to farms in assigned area, according to rights, or as instructed by Water Control Supervisor or other officials, for irrigating fields crops. Contacts water users to define quantity of water needed and time duration of delivery. Computes req...
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