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Automatic Gluing machine Operator
(Job Description #403335)

sets up operates machine that automatically glues together specified number of paper sheets, with each sheet protruding equal distance beyond next one, for use as business forms. moves guides, suction mechanisms, cams...

Accounting Clerks Supervisor
(Job Description #200020)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in calculating, posting, verifying, and typing duties to obtain and record financial data for use in maintaining accounting statistical records. compile...

Manager Leasing
(Job Description #101187)

directs land and leasing department of petroleum company to secure leases, options, rights-of-way, and special agreements covering land and mineral rights for drilling wells and producing gas oil. studies leases bought, pr...

Travel Counselor Automobile Club
(Job Description #200248)

plans trips for members of automobile club. confers with member in person or by telephone to answer questions explain services. marks suitable roads & possible detours on road map, showing route from point of origin to...

(Job Description #401862)

tends machines that crush, mix, or pulverize materials, like limestone, shale, oyster shells, clay, iron ore, silica, gypsum, and clinkers, used in making br observes conveyor system to make sure continuous flow of material. stops convey...

Tankage Supervisor
(Job Description #869131034)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in erecting maintaining metal tanks used to store liquid materials, like crude oil, gasoline, and heating oil. installs maintains tank components, like automatic g...

Elevator Starter
(Job Description #201071)

schedules, supervises, and coordinates activities of elevator operators to provide efficient service to building patrons employees. provides elevator service according to demand by signaling operators or by establishing time s...

(Job Description #405553)

tends machine that fastens metal caps erasers to ends of wooden pencils or rounds pencil ends. places pencils, ferrules metal ring or caps and erasers in separate hoppers and starts machine that installs fastens ferrule to pencil, inserts e...

Machine Supervisor
(Job Description #402952)

supervises workers engaged in layout machine operating to fabricate structural, wire, or sheet metal products, applying knowledge of layout, product design, machine functions, capacities, and output potential. requisitions mate...

Tape Armorer
(Job Description #404411)

tends battery of automatic winding machines that wind protective shield of yarn, wire or metal strip into flexible conduit or over insulated wire, like submarine underground cable. starts winding machine and feeds insulated wire into mac...

Medical Asst
(Job Description #X012750)

provide clinical support to the foundry program director including taking medical histories, vital signs, prepares patients for exams, and assisting physician/nurse practitioners during exams. prepare administer medications as instru...

Metallurgical Technician
(Job Description #100122)

examines and tests metal samples to define their physical properties, under direction of metallographer profess. kin. br conducts routine microscopic examinations of metals alloys to determine their crystal structur...

Metallurgical and quality control testing Supervisor
(Job Description #100121)

directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in testing finished and semifinished metal sample specimens to define if metallurgical phys...

Mill Operator Rolls
(Job Description #402809)

sets up operates rolling mill to form sheet metal sections of various types, gauges, and lengths from coils of sheet steel according to blueprints or other specifications. verifies gauge and size of raw material against speci...

Assembler Ping pong Table
(Job Description #405477)

assembles parts, like table-top sections, trim, hinges, and legs, to produce ping-pong tables. positions table-top sections in jig and applies glue along table edge, using glue brush. places wooden trim strips over glue...

Tree Trimmer And Pruner
(Job Description #37301300)

being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitud...

Trim stencil Maker
(Job Description #406394)

lays out traces patterns on paper to make stencils used for cutting cloth upholstery. arranges master patterns on paper in such manner as to minimize waste when cloth is cut. traces patterns on paper, using pencil. perforates paper,...

Electronics Production Supervisor
(Job Description #405240)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating, assembling, testing, inspecting, and repairing electronic products, systems, subassemblies, components, or parts. analyzes manufacturing requir...

Mica Splitter
(Job Description #406283)

splits mica to sheets of specified dimensions trims defects from mica sheets, using knife. measures thickness of mica sheets, using dial or caliper-type micrometer, to define amount of mica to remove. locates cleavage plane in mica inser...

(Job Description #406472)

fabricates hats for individual customer or for stores stock. cuts pattern from material to desired size shape, using original design or adapting or copying existing model. lays pattern on material cuts material, following pattern. molds, drap...

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