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Accounting Assistant Job Descriptions

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31) News Assistant Job Description
Compiles, dispenses, and files newsstories related copy to assist editorial personnel in broadcasting newsroom. Telephones government agencies and sports facilities monitors other stations to obtain weather, traffic and sports information. Telephones people involved in news even...
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32) Legal Executive Assistant Job Description
Frequent travel for trial preparation trial. Trial preparation to include copying, document review, document organization, bates stamping, legal research searching documents in concordance/relativity/summation. During trial, load documents to run sanction presentations. Cond...
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33) Glass ribbon machine operator Assistant Job Description
Tends intermediate units of machine that forms bulbs other products from molten glass. Positions turntable at crack-off breaking unit synchronizes motion of hammer with flow of molten glass to separate bulbs from ribbon. Turns controls to regulate machine spe...
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34) Engineering Assistant Mechanical Equipment Job Description
Develops detailed design drawings and related specifications of mechanical equipment, according to engineering sketches design proposal specifications. Analyzes engineering sketches, specifications and related data drawings to define design factors,...
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35) Electrician Station Assistant Job Description
Makes operating adjustments in submarine cable repeater and terminal circuits apparatus, and rearranges connections in cables to maintain continuity of service. Communicates with other cable stations, using manual...
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36) Switchboard Operator Assistant Job Description
Compiles gauge readings performs other tasks as directed by Switchboard Operator in electric-generating plant. Records gauge and meter readings on switchboard panelboards at specified intervals. Opens & closes switches to regulate generation flow of electric power....
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37) Operations And Intelligence Assistant Job Description
Collects, consolidates, and evaluates air defense intelligence information received from ground observers; radar sections; other supportive units; and prepares and revises operations situation maps. Communicates with intelligence personnel from radar...
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38) Culture Media Laboratory Assistant Job Description
Prepares culture media used to develop vaccines toxoids or to conduct chemical, microscopic, and bacteriologic tests. Measures weighs ingredients, like food source, chemicals, preservatives and vitamins, to prepare growth medium, using scales, graduated flasks...
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39) Legislative Assistant Job Description
Assists legislator in preparation of proposed legislation. Conducts research into subject of proposed legislation develops preliminary draft of bill. Analyzes pending legislation suggests to legislator action to be taken. Briefs legislator on policy issues. Attends committee mee...
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40) Physical laboratory Assistant Job Description
Examines and tests metal samples to define their physical properties, under direction of Metallographer profess. kin. br Conducts routine microscopic examinations of metals alloys to determine their crystal structure, porosity, homogeneity and other character...
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