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Appliance Servicer
(Job Description #403254)

installs repairs gas meters, regulators, ranges, heaters, and refrigerators in customers establishment, using manometer, voltmeter, handtools, and pipe-threading tools. measures, cuts and threads pipe and connects it to...

Asbestos Textile Supervisor
(Job Description #402021)

coordinates activities supervises workers engaged in processing asbestos fibers into textile materials performing duties described under supervisor any industry master title. may be designated according to process supervi...

Anchor Tacker
(Job Description #404305)

tends nailing, slugging, stapling, or tacking machine that attaches shoe parts, like heel, insole, and shank to partially assembled shoes. aligns parts on bed of machine, or positions them under machine head. depresses pedal that lo...

Transformer stock Clerk
(Job Description #200184)

receives, stores, and issues transformers used in electric power system. moves new transformers to storage space, using hoist. drains oil from used transformers. starts motor-driven pump which forces used oil through filte...

Automated Process Operator
(Job Description #402431)

operates mechanical units of automated production machinery to produce deposited carbon resistors for use in electronic equipment. turns valves to admit methane and nitrogen gases into carbon-coating furnace sets furnace te...

Assembler Motor Vehicle
(Job Description #806684010)

assembles motor vehicles, like automobiles, trucks, buses, or limousines, at assigned work stations on moving assembly line, performing any combination of following repetitive tasks according to specifications using handtools,...

Assembly Stock Supervisor
(Job Description #200135)

supervises coordinates activities of stock control personnel engaged in supplying progressive assembly line, and keeps stock control records. determines if parts removed from production departments are to be stored or sp...

Auditor Information Systems
(Job Description #100866)

plans and conducts audits of data processing systems applications to safeguard assets, ensure accuracy of data, and promote operational efficiency. establishes audit objectives and devises audit plan, following...

Talent Agent
(Job Description #101354)

manages affairs of entertainers by participating in negotiations with agents and others concerning contracts and business matters affecting clients interests, and advises clients on career development advancement. represents...

Agricultural Agent
(Job Description #100614)

organizes and conducts cooperative extension program to advise and instruct farmers individuals engaged in agri-business in applications of agricultural research findings. collects, analyzes and evaluates agricultural data...

Touch up Inspector Printed Circuit Boards
(Job Description #405277)

performs any combination of following tasks to inspect repair printed circuit boards pcbs br inserts plug gauges into drilled holes of pcb panels to verify conformance to specified dimensions. measures thick...

Artificial glass eye Maker
(Job Description #404956)

fabricates artificial glass eyes for humans according to physicians prescription or customer specifications, applying knowledge of glass blowing fabricating techniques. holds turns glass tube over gas burner to soften glass...

Automotive generator and starter Repairer
(Job Description #405169)

tests, repairs, and rebuilds automotive generators starters. tests generator unit to ascertain amperage and voltage output, using voltmeter ammeter. disassembles unit & cleans brushes, bearings, shafts a...

Taper And Fl
(Job Description #842664010)

seals joints between plasterboard or other wallboards to prepare wall surface for painting or papering. mixes sealing compound by hand or with portable electric mixer and spreads compound over joints between boards, using trowel, broadkn...

Administrator Health Care Facility
(Job Description #101201)

directs administration of hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility within authority of governing board. administers fiscal operations, like budget planning, accounting and establishing rates for health...

Allergy Specialist
(Job Description #100419)

diagnoses and treats diseases conditions with allergic or immunologic causes. examines patient, utilizing medical instruments equipment, patch tests and blood tests as diagnostic aids. elicits records information about patie...

Assistant Press Operator Offset
(Job Description #403451)

performs any combination of following tasks to assist offset-press operator print. pub. i 651. 382-042 to make ready, operate, and maintain sheet-fed or web offset printing press. inserts packing sheets on plat...

Traffic Supervisor
(Job Description #921133018)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in lifting, transporting, storing, and loading materials and products by use of conveyors, cranes, hoists, or industrial trucks, applying knowledge of plant layou...

Traffic Or System Dispatcher
(Job Description #919162010)

dispatches workers equipment to prevent or rectify service disruptions of local transit system, using radiophone equipment. receives reports of actual or anticipated disruptions determines action required to rectify condit...

Technician Terminal And Repeater
(Job Description #822261026)

tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring a...

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