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Senior Accountant
(Job Description #15443)

prepare journal entries. reconcile general ledger subsidiary accounts. design accounting financial management systems. prepare monthly, quarterly annual financial statements for assigned accounts. review financial documents materials...

Tester Regulator
(Job Description #404896)

tests inspects compressed air or oxygen regulators to detect air leaks. clamps regulator unit into vise on stage above water tank attaches compressed airhose to intake ports of regulator. varies pressure of air flowing into regulator,...

Automatic Gluing machine Operator
(Job Description #403335)

sets up operates machine that automatically glues together specified number of paper sheets, with each sheet protruding equal distance beyond next one, for use as business forms. moves guides, suction mechanisms, cams...

Accounting Clerks Supervisor
(Job Description #200020)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in calculating, posting, verifying, and typing duties to obtain and record financial data for use in maintaining accounting statistical records. compile...

Travel Counselor Automobile Club
(Job Description #200248)

plans trips for members of automobile club. confers with member in person or by telephone to answer questions explain services. marks suitable roads & possible detours on road map, showing route from point of origin to...

Tankage Supervisor
(Job Description #869131034)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in erecting maintaining metal tanks used to store liquid materials, like crude oil, gasoline, and heating oil. installs maintains tank components, like automatic g...

(Job Description #405553)

tends machine that fastens metal caps erasers to ends of wooden pencils or rounds pencil ends. places pencils, ferrules metal ring or caps and erasers in separate hoppers and starts machine that installs fastens ferrule to pencil, inserts e...

Tape Armorer
(Job Description #404411)

tends battery of automatic winding machines that wind protective shield of yarn, wire or metal strip into flexible conduit or over insulated wire, like submarine underground cable. starts winding machine and feeds insulated wire into mac...

Assembler Ping pong Table
(Job Description #405477)

assembles parts, like table-top sections, trim, hinges, and legs, to produce ping-pong tables. positions table-top sections in jig and applies glue along table edge, using glue brush. places wooden trim strips over glue...

Tree Trimmer And Pruner
(Job Description #37301300)

being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitud...

Trim stencil Maker
(Job Description #406394)

lays out traces patterns on paper to make stencils used for cutting cloth upholstery. arranges master patterns on paper in such manner as to minimize waste when cloth is cut. traces patterns on paper, using pencil. perforates paper,...

Training And Development Manager
(Job Description #11313100)

a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges, a willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being open to cha...

Tree Trimmer Line Clearance
(Job Description #201142)

trims trees to clear right-of-way for communications lines and electric power lines to minimize storm short-circuit hazards. climbs trees to reach branches interfering with wires transmission towers, using climbing e...

Adzing and boring machine Operator
(Job Description #403732)

operates variety of machines to trim, bore, incise, and date stamp railroad ties utility pole crossarms, preparatory to treating with wood preservatives. adjusts stops guides and installs dating punches, boring...

Treating Engineer
(Job Description #401747)

controls one or more cylinder retorts to impregnate wood products, like railroad ties, piling, telephone poles, and fenceposts, with preserving or fireproofing chemicals. turns valves to admit treating solution into retort steam...

Automotive Design Layout Drafter
(Job Description #100185)

prepares working layouts and master drawings of automotive vehicle components, assemblies, or systems from specifications, prior layouts, well-defined sketches, models or verbal instructions sufficient for detai...

Termite Exterminator Helper
(Job Description #201070)

assists exterminator, termite in treating termite-infested buildings. digs around foundations to be chemically treated and digs ditches for forms, using pick shovel. carries lumber, building materials and...

Track Inspector
(Job Description #910367030)

inspects railroad roadbed equipment to detect damage, wear, or defective equipment requiring repair. observes condition of roadbed from railcar. stops car examines switches, fishplates and rails to detect damaged, worn, or...

Advertising Production Manager
(Job Description #100756)

coordinates activities of design, illustration, photography, pasteup, and typography personnel to prepare advertisements for publication, and supervises workers engaged in pasting up advertising layouts in art...

Aluminum Boat Inspector
(Job Description #806687026)

inspects aluminum boats canoes to detect leaks, using water-test tank. lifts places boat in test tank with aid of other workers. positions bow stern of boat under hydraulic ram. presses lever to activate ram that pushes holds b...

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