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Able Seaman Job Descriptions

Looking for able seaman job descriptions examples that help to design career duties and responsibilities for your employees view the following results.
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1) Able Seaman Job Description
Performs following tasks on board ship to watch for obstructions in vessels path and to maintain equipment structures. Stands watch at bow or on wing of bridge to look for obstructions in path of vessel. Measures depth of water in shallow or unfamiliar waters, using leadline and ad...
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2) Assembler Ping pong Table Job Description
Assembles parts, like table-top sections, trim, hinges, and legs, to produce ping-pong tables. Positions table-top sections in jig and applies glue along table edge, using glue brush. Places wooden trim strips over glue attaches strips to table edge, using staple gun o...
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3) Operating table Assembler Job Description
Operates metalworking machines to shape prefabricated metal parts assembles parts to make surgical tables. Mills parts assembles base of table. Constructs hydraulic-lifting table-revolving mechanisms, using drilling, reaming and tapping machines and additionally...
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4) Assembler Portable Oil well Drilling Rig Job Description
Assembles mining machinery, like continuous miners, loading machines, cutting machines, locomotives, hydraulic backhoes, and portable oil well drilling rigs according to blueprints written specifications, using handtools, power handtools, and other p...
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5) Cable Dispatcher Job Description
Establishes and reroutes telegraph submarine cable circuits to make sure flow of messages. Orders irregular routing of telegrams to prevent congestion or wire shortage. Receives reports of delays in transmission of messages and issues orders to facilitate transmis...
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6) Clerk Cable Transfer Job Description
Compiles records authorizations to facilitate installation or rewiring of telephone or telegraph lines resulting from subscribers address changes or other changes in service. Selects, assigns and posts cable-assignment data telephone numbers on service orders. Routes orders to s...
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7) Vegetable Worker Job Description
Plants, cultivates, and harvests vegetables, working as crewmember. Dumps seed into hopper of planter towed by tractor. Rides on planter brushes debris from seed spouts that discharge seeds into plowed furrow. Plants roots bulbs, using hoe or trowel. Covers plants with sheet or...
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8) Stable Attendant Job Description
Cares for horses and mules to protect their health improve their appearance. Waters animals and measures, mixes & apportions feed feed supplements according to feeding instructions. Washes, brushes, trims & curries animals coats to clean improve their appearance. Inspects ani...
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9) Steamtable Attendant Job Description
Serves food from counters steamtables to cafeteria patrons. Serves salads, vegetables, meat, breads and cocktails, ladles soups and sauces, portions desserts and fills beverage cups glasses as indicated by customer. Adds relishes & garnishes according to instructions from Coun...
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10) Television Cable Service Sales Representative Job Description
Contacts homeowners, apartment managers, and other prospects to sell cable television service. Compiles list of prospective customers from lists of homes that do not have cable television and lists of residential addresses with names of owners occup...
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