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Looking for free treater application letters examples that help you to create a template and write your employment message for sending to recruiters and employers? view the following results.
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1) Treater Application Letter
Treater Application Letter Template
Tends feed-end of range that applies size, starch, water-repellent, wrinkle resistant, or other chemical finishes to cloth, stretches cloth to specified width, and dries finished cloth. Positions truck of folded cloth at feed-end of machine or inserts rod through cloth roll pushes roll o...
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2) Cone Treater Application Letter
Treats paper cones with mixture of turpentine beeswax. Combines specified amounts of turpentine and beeswax in vat adjusts controls to heat mixture to specified temperature. Fills wire basket with paper cones lowers basket into heated mixture until thoroughly saturated treated br Rais...
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3) Wood pole Treater Application Letter
Treats underground portion of transmission poles with chemical preservative after installation. Digs around base of pole to expose area susceptible to decay, using pick shovel. Scrapes dirt & other residue from pole surface chips away decayed wood, using handtools. Paints dressed ar...
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4) Cover Treater Application Letter
Mixes chemicals, dips buckets of golf balls into chemical solutions, and tends machines that tumble balls in solutions to vulcanize, etch, and cure covers preparatory to painting. Pours specified amounts of chemicals water into dip tanks. Fills dip buckets with balls lifts buc...
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5) Dust Collector treater Application Letter
Assists Dust-Collector Operator smelt. refin. in collecting metallic dust particles from fumes of smelting copper ore. Pushes switches to shut off electric current to precipitators and observes amount of dust accumulated on electrode pipes plates. Pulls levers to start ham...
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6) Gas Treater Application Letter
Tends automatically controlled treating plant, consisting of absorption towers, actifiers, heat exchangers, pumps, and other auxiliary devices, that removes unwanted components renders gas suitable for use as fuel. Observes gauges and meters to ascertain operating conditions & adjus...
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7) Lye Treater Application Letter
Tends heated kettle filter press in which lye is treated with chemicals to remove undesirable properties in glycerine purification process. Starts pump to transfer premeasured lye into kettle, starts agitator to mix batch and turns steam valve to heat kettle to prescribed temperature. Du...
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8) Heat Treater Application Letter
Controls one or more furnaces to heat treat metal objects according to specifications. Places parts in racks, trays, or baskets and places objects on conveyor or loads objects directly into furnace. Adjusts furnace temperature observes pyrometer to heat metal to prescribed temperature....
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9) Termite Treater Application Letter
Treats termite-infested fungus-damaged wood in buildings. Studies report diagram of infested area prepared by Sales Agent, Pest Control Service to define sequence of operations. Examines building for defining means of reaching infested areas. Cuts openings in building to gain acce...
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10) Crude oil Treater Application Letter
Operates chemical, electrical, and centrifugal oil-treatment units to remove sediment water from crude oil before transporting oil by pipeline to refineries. Opens valves starts pumps to pump oil from storage tanks to treating units. Opens valves to mix specified chemicals with...
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