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Sole Pretrimmer Application Letters

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1) Sole Pretrimmer Application Letter
Sole Pretrimmer Application Letter Template
Tends machine that trims sole and heel edges of lasted shoes to remove excess material to impart finished appearance. Positions guides edges against revolving cutter to trim them. May replace cutters or guides, using...
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2) Chalker Soles Application Letter
Applies liquid coating to shoe parts, or cements cushioning material between parts, to prevent squeaking due to friction or wear. Brushes coating of liquid chalk, paraffin, or wax on parts, like heel bases, flares plus...
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3) Sole molding machine Operator Application Letter
Operates machine to mold outsoles or insoles to conform to shoe last at shank arch. Turns thumbscrews or moves lever along calibrated dial to adjust last size guides to specifications. Sponges grained surface of sole at arch to soften leather. Positions sole on die again...
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4) Hand Sole Sewer Application Letter
Sews outsoles to custom-made shoe by hand. Attaches pig bristle to end of cord to make point that will enter awl holes easily. Waxes cord by drawing it through ball of wax. Marks guideline around welt of shoe. Softens sole with water-soaked sponge. Cuts groove, using grooving tool, al...
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5) Sole Beater Application Letter
Tends machine that shapes flattens welt of lasted shoe prior to attachment of outsole. Positions shoe on anvil depresses pedal to start machine. Guides welt under hammer that shapes flattens it. Depresses second pedal to start slashing knife that scores toe portion of welt to permit smoot...
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6) Welt insole Channeler Application Letter
Tends machine that cuts two parallel grooves near edge of insole prior to welting. Positions insole against machine guide. Depresses pedal to raise machine bed against cutting blades that cut grooves channels in insole. Adjusts lever to control width of cut, following work tic...
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7) Outsole Flexer Application Letter
Feeds leather outsoles through machine equipped with series of powered rollers that bend outsoles to make leather more flexible. Catches outsoles coming from machine stacks outsoles on handtruck for further processing. May feed knee blocks throug...
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8) Color television Console Monitor Application Letter
Controls video console to regulate transmission of television scenes, including test patterns and filmed live black-and-white or color telecast. Views action on television monitor and sets switches observes dials on console to control framing, contrast, brilli...
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9) Sole Leveler Machine Application Letter
Tends machine that flattens, shapes, and smooths leather insoles outsoles. Turns handle to adjust holding device to fit shoe. Positions shoe on pin jack against holding device. Starts machine that forces shoe against presser roller and moves roller back forth over sol...
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10) Channel lip Stiffener Insoles Application Letter
Applies stiffening solution to insoles in preparation for lasting by dipping toe heel of insole in tank, and guiding channel of insole under roller of machine onto which stiffening solution is automatically fed. May dip heel sections into solution and place them on...
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