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Shank Turner Application Letters

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1) Shank Turner Application Letter
Shank Turner Application Letter Template
Tends one or more machines that shape smoking pipe bowls shanks. Places pipe bowl over chuck turns nut or moves lever to expand chuck against inside of bowl, using wrench. Starts machine that automatically rotates bowl against cutters to remove excess briar. Removes shaped pipes from mac...
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2) Turner spl Application Letter
Tends machines that cut scrap tires or split rubber sheets for reclaiming rubber. Adjusts guides to accommodate tire size cut to be made and installs blades, using handtools. Lifts tire or sheet onto powered rollers by hand or with hoist. Starts rollers that force tire or sheet against bl...
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3) Returner Lasts Application Letter
Sorts and stores lasts shoe molds in numbered bins, in racks, or on skids, according to size style. Picks up lasts in assembly area and transports them to storage room for sorting placing in bins, using...
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4) Bit And Shank Department Supervisor Application Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in sawing, shaping, and fitting bits shanks of smoking pipes. Informs workers engaged in sawing operations of changes in style number of stummels to saw for each style. Determines from production...
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5) Bottom Turner Application Letter
Tends machine that cuts circular basket bottoms from woodstock bores holes in bottoms. Positions stock on rotary chuck. Depresses pedal to activate machine that rotates woodstock in opposite direction from rotating drill & cylindrical sawblade to cut woodstock into disk bore holes in ce...
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6) Shank Threader Application Letter
Tends machine that cuts threads inside shank of smoking pipes. Places pipe bowl in holding fixture starts machine threading device. Pushes shank against revolving tool of threading device that cuts threads inside predrilled shank hole. Removes pipe from holding device examines threaded...
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7) Groove Turner Application Letter
Tends lathe that cuts decorative V-shaped circular groove in faces of heattreated watch wheels. Depresses pedal to open chuck, inserts wheel and releases pedal to secure wheel in chuck. Brushes lubricant on cutter turns wheel to advance cutter into rotating watch wheel to c...
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8) Collar turner Operator Application Letter
Tends machine that reverses partially finished collars on s, like ladies dresses, and flattens seams of collars. Folds collar back along seam draws folded seam over lower jaw of machine. Depresses pedal that lowers upper jaw of machine to spread seam. Grasps and mov...
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9) Glove Turner And Former Application Letter
Pulls gloves over heated, hand-shaped form and smooths with hands, cloth, or brush to shape press gloves. Presses thick portion of heavy gloves by beating finger tips seams with wooden block. May smooth glove between fingers crotch by pulling rake pronged bar over g...
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10) Electrode Turner and finisher Application Letter
Sets up operates machines to perform machining operation, like boring, threading, and turning on carbon electrodes according to production specifications. Installs specified drilling threading tools in holders, using handtools. Lifts centers electrode in chuck of ma...
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