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Scaffold Erector Application Letters

Looking for free scaffold erector application letters examples that help you to create a template and write your employment message for sending to recruiters and employers? view the following results.
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1) Elevator Erector Application Letter
Elevator Erector Application Letter Template
Assembles and installs electric and hydraulic freight and passenger elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters, determining layout electrical connections from blueprints. Studies blueprints lays out location of framework, counterbalance rails, motor pump, cylinder and plung...
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2) Pump Erector Application Letter
Installs repairs submerged turbine pumps in waterwells, using rig truck-mounted hoisting equipment br Drives rig into position adjacent to well. Starts hoisting engine & moves levers and pedals to raise extend telescoping hoisting mast. Bolts guy wires struts to mast for support...
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3) Scaffold Worker Application Letter
Tends open tank to impregnate wood products with preservatives. Signals Overhead Crane Operator any industry 921. 663-010 to lift load of material over tank guides load into tank by hand or with rod, working from elevated platform. Chains tank loads of poles to high rack to prevent...
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4) Ironworker Wire fence Erector Application Letter
Erects and repairs metal and wooden fences and fence gates around industrial establishments, residences, or farms, using power tools handtools. Lays out fence line, using tape measure and marks positions for postholes. Digs postholes with spade, posthole digger,...
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5) Machinery Erector Application Letter
Erects and tests machinery and heavy equipment, like hydraulic turbines, turbine wheels, jaw stone crushers, industrial surface condensers, flaking machines, valves, and mine hoists, according to blueprints specifications, using handtools, heating equipment, and me...
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6) Line Erector Application Letter
Erects, maintains, and repairs wood poles and prefabricated light-duty metal towers, cable, and related equipment to construct transmission distribution power lines used to conduct electrical energy between generating stations, substations, and consumers. Directs pl...
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7) Playground equipment Erector Application Letter
Erects prefabricated playground equipment for schools, recreational centers, and institutions. Assembles parts, like swings, horizontal ladders, basketball standards, slides and other equipment, using wrenches, stocks and dies and other tools to join parts with fl...
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8) Diesel engine Erector Application Letter
Positions, fits, and secures engine parts to erect in-line, V-type, or radial diesel engines according to specifications, using machinists handtools, surface plate, torque wrench, parallel supports, and measuring instruments. Aligns vertical columns over bedplate betwe...
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9) Metal trim Erector Application Letter
Installs prefabricated ornamental ironwork, other than structural ironwork, like metal window and door frames, motor-driven and automatic power doors, metal trim paneling, and aluminum curtain-wall frames. Measures marks layout for installation, according to blueprints...
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10) Marine Erector Application Letter
Installs ship machinery, like propelling machinery, auxiliary motors, pumps, ventilating equipment, and steering gear, working from blueprints using handtools, calipers, and micrometers. Lays out passage holes on bulkheads, decks and other surfaces for connections, like shaf...
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