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Searching for well-written sample application letters for power saw operator woodworking? easy to use examples help you to create a template and write a job application letter? view the following results.
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1) Dx Board Operator Application Letter
Dx Board Operator Job Application Letter Template
Dx board operator - Reads records coded signals received in central station of electrical protective signaling system. Interprets coded audible or visible signals received on alarm signal board by direct wire or register tape from subscribers premises that indicate opening closing of protected premises...

2) Sweatband cutting machine Operator Application Letter
Sweatband cutting machine operator - Feeds strips or scraps of leather between machine rollers circular knife that automatically cuts strips to specified length for use as hat sweatbands. Turns handwheel to adjust cutting blade s or roller s according to sweatband size specified on work order. Flips...

3) Reactor Operator Application Letter
Reactor operator - Controls nuclear reactor that produces steam for generation of electric power coordinates operation of auxiliary equipment. Adjusts controls, under supervision, to start and shut down reactor & to regulate flux level, reactor period, coolant temperature and rate of flow, control ro...

4) Exhaust Operator Application Letter
Exhaust operator - Sets up and controls exhaust equipment to remove gases and impurities from electron cathode ray tubes, following procedure manuals, work orders, and specifications. Reads production schedules and procedure manuals to define tube specifications operational sequence. Calc...

5) Broach Operator Application Letter
Broach operator - Operates one or more previously setup broaching machines to broach internal or external surfaces of metal workpieces to specifications, on production basis. Examines blueprints or work order to define finished specifications of workpiece. Lifts workpiece manually or using hoist and ad...

6) Pick up Operator Application Letter
Pick up operator - Inspects greige corduroy or velvet cloth to detect uncut filling floats, and cuts floats, using pickup knife. Positions truck of cloth at entry end of examining frame pins end of cloth to leader in machine. Depresses pedal to start machine that passes cloth over inspection board...

7) Cloth doubling and winding machine Operator Application Letter
Cloth doubling and winding machine operator - Tends machine that folds lengthwise winds cloth around cardboard center or tube for shipment. Mounts roll of finished cloth onto brackets of machine and threads end through guide rollers over triangular folding device, or joins ends to form continuous le...

8) Longseam machine Operator Application Letter
Longseam machine operator - Tends semiautomatic machine that sews stitching along contour to join, attach, serge, topstitch, or hem parts. Positions fabric layers or part under needle, against guide, or in clamp or template and starts machine that performs preset sewing cycle to make part such as...

9) Head end Desizing machine Operator Application Letter
Head end desizing machine operator - Tends feed-end of range that removes size from cloth to increase affinity of cloth for dye. Weighs out desizing agent mixes agent with water in mixing tank, following formula. Turns valves to transfer solution from mixing tank to desizing tubs to control steam for h...

10) Polishing machine Operator Application Letter
Polishing machine operator - Sets up and operates belt sanding machine to polish flat metal surfaces, like small arms parts metal strips. Pushes button to lower drive wheel installs abrasive belt of specified grit, using wrenches. Places metal part on conveyor belt & turns knobs to raise conveyo...

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