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Mainspring Winder And Oiler Application Letters

Looking for free mainspring winder and oiler application letters examples that help you to create a template and write your employment message for sending to recruiters and employers? view the following results.
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1) Mainspring Winder And Oiler Application Letter
Mainspring Winder And Oiler Application Letter Template
Tends semiautomatic mainspring-winding machine that winds mainspring into shell barrel lubricates bearing surfaces. Opens chuck, inserts arbor and fits spring assembly over arbor. Depresses pedal that allows winding oiling mechanism to wind spring around arbor and addit...
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2) Magnetic tape Winder Application Letter
Tends machines that wind magnetic tape into reels or cassette hubs for use in communication control equipment, instruments, and computers. Positions tape supply reels or cassette hubs on letoff windup spindles of tape winding machines. Loops tape from supply reels through ma...
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3) Soap Boiler Application Letter
Controls equipment that produces soap according to formula. Opens valves to charge kettle with prescribed amounts of ingredients. Turns valve to admit steam through bottom of tank to boil agitate mixture. Observes mixture through opening in top of tank to detect variations of color, consi...
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4) Spiral tube Winder Application Letter
Sets up and operates machine to wind continuous strips of paper or cardboard into tubes of specified dimensions cut tubing to length to form fiber cans, containers, or cores for paper rolls. Installs and adjusts forming mandrels cutting saw on machine, using handtools. Load...
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5) Pony Winder Application Letter
Tends machine that winds paper from one roll to another to form compact rolls of specified footage or diameter prior to cutting. Threads end of parent roll into feeding mechanism of machine adjusts friction brake by hand to maintain tension of paper. Slides rewind cores tubes on shafts...
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6) Armature and rotor Winder Application Letter
Assembles and tests electric motor generator stators, armatures, or rotors. Inspects cores for defects and aligns laminations, using hammer drift. Files burrs from core slots, using hand file, portable power file and scraper. Lines slots with sheet insul...
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7) Heating element Winder Application Letter
Tends machine that winds spiral-spring resistance wire onto mica-plate core to form heating element. Inserts core in slotted shaft of winding motor and hooks wire end to core. Depresses pedal to start motor that rotates core and guides wire between thumb fingers t...
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8) Back Winder Application Letter
Tends machine that winds strands of yarn from bobbins, cakes, pirns, and other yarn packages into packages specified for further processing, shipment, or storage. Places supply packages on spindles or holders. Threads ends of yarn from each package through guides & tension device att...
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9) Boiler House Supervisor Application Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of Stationary Engineer and other workers operating and maintaining stationary engines & mechanical equipment, like steam engines, air compressors, vacuum & centrifugal pumps, filters, turbines, boilers, and ventilating refr...
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10) Boiler House Operator Application Letter
Operates automatically fired boilers to generate steam that supplies heat or power for buildings or industrial processes. Lights gas- or oil-fed burners, using torch. Starts pulverizer & stoker to grind feed coal into furnace of boiler. Observes pressure, temperature, and d...
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