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Groover Application Letter Template
Tend machine that cuts ventilating cooling grooves in asbestos brake linings. Position tension rollers guides on machine according to size of brake linings specified on work order, using handcrank, measuring scale and screwdriver. Turn handwheel to position abrasive grooving wheel for spec...

Tire Groover

Cuts grooves in treads of worn, vulcanized, or retreaded tires, using hand cutting tool. Pull electrically heated grooving knife around circumference of tread to form grooves, following old design or laying out new design. Cuts crosswise grooves in tread in simila...

Groover and striper Operator

Tend machines in tandem that groove, paint, seal, and dry surfaces of hardboard panels. Position grooving blades and striping wheels according to panel specifications, using handtools tape measure. Pour paint & sealer into designated reservoirs to supply coating roll...

Blade Groover

Operate machine to grind decorative grooves in steel knife blades. Mark groove length of blade according to bench marks, using chalk. Place tip of blade under rotating abrasive wheel presses blade against wheel to grind groove in blade. Examine groove in blade for conformance to specif...

Groover And Turner

Tend machines that cut heel blanks rough forms of wood, leather, or fiberboard into heels. Insert blank in holding device. Push heel against revolving knife blades to shape outside of heel. Position shaped heel in holding device of second machine that hollows out face of heel. Ma...
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