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21) Editorial Writer Application Letter
Writes comments on topics of reader interest to stimulate or mold public opinion, in accordance with viewpoints policies of publication. Prepares assigned or unassigned articles from knowledge of topic and editorial position of publication, supplemented by additional study research....
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22) Editor Telegraph Application Letter
Selects edits state, national, and international news items received by wire from press associations. Corrects errors of spelling punctuation in telegraph copy. Deletes less important paragraphs, according to importance amount of space available for story. Issues selected items...
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23) Supervising Film or videotape Editor Application Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in editing assembling filmed scenes photographed by others. Reviews edited assembled film on screen or edited videotape on monitor, to detect errors. Studies script & confers with producers directors...
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24) Greeting Card Editor Application Letter
Selects edits original sentiments for use on greeting cards. Reads material submitted by freelance and staff writers determines suitability based on knowledge of market trends, company standards and personal tastes. Edits material to meet greeting card requirements. Maintains f...
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25) City Editor Application Letter
Directs and supervises personnel engaged in selecting, gathering, and editing local news news photographs for edition of newspaper. Receives information regarding developing news events or originates story ideas and assigns coverage to members of reporting photography staff....
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26) Assignment Editor Application Letter
Supervises coordinates activities of radio or television news gathering staff. Maintains contact with outside news agencies, police fire departments and other news sources to obtain information regarding developing news items. Determines priority assigns coverage to news units. Ori...
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27) School Photograph Editor Application Letter
Compares negatives of several poses of an individual selects best copy to be used in printing group or individual school photographs. Mounts reel of negative film in holding device or positions negatives on illuminated worktable to examine film images determine degree of prin...
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28) Map Editor Application Letter
Verifies accuracy and completeness of topographical maps from aerial photographs specifications. Views photographs and other reference materials, like old maps & records and examines corresponding area of map to verify correct identification of specified topographical feat...
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29) Editor in chief Newspaper Application Letter
Formulates editorial policy directs operation of newspaper. Confers with editorial policy committee and heads of production, advertising and circulation departments to develop editorial & operating procedures negotiate decisions affecting publication. Appoints editorial he...
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30) Editor Sound Application Letter
Edits and synchronizes music, dialogue, and sound effects of film video tape into single sound-print for film or video-tape production. Loads combination sound-and-picture reproducing machine with picture and sound-track films video tape. Starts machine, views action throug...
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