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Van Driver Helper Employment Contracts

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41) Driver Employment Contract
Drives completed motor vehicle off assembly line to specified repair, shipping, or storage area. May test performance of parts, like lights, horn and windshield wipers. May drive completed vehicle onto railroad freight car secure vehicle for shipping. May drive customers vehicle to as well as...
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42) Machine operator Helper Employment Contract
Assists Slitting-Machine Operator I performing any combination of following tasks. Positions roll of material, like cardboard, felt, metallic foil, paper, plastic, rubberized sheeting, or textile fabrics, at rear of machine, using handtruck or cart. Assembles cores, collars...
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43) Meter repairer Helper Employment Contract
Assists Meter Repairer in installing, adjusting, and repairing volumetrical gas, oil, or water meters. Disconnects meters with wrench loads meters in truck. Disassembles meters, using handtools. Cleans parts, using solvents wiping rags. Replaces defective parts reassembl...
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44) Marble Mason Helper Employment Contract
Supplies mixes materials for Marble Setter 861. 381-030, applies grout, and cleans installed marble. Moves marble installation materials, tools, machines and work devices to work areas. Mixes mortar, plaster and grout, as required, following standard formula...
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45) Tractor Truck Driver Employment Contract
Maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations, developing ones own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done, being ho...
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46) Plating department Helper Employment Contract
Performs any combination of following tasks to load unload equipment or to assist Plater 500. 380-010. Fastens metal workpieces to devices, like hooks, racks and cathode bars, or loads workpieces in baskets or barrels. Immerses workpieces in series of cleaning, plating,...
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47) Plate worker Helper Employment Contract
Assists Fitter I or Welder-Fitter welding to position, align, and fit together fabricated plates, structural shapes, and weldments preparatory to assembly into structural fabricated products, performing following tasks. Holds, positions and reads tape or rods to as...
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48) Needle punch machine operator Helper Employment Contract
Off bears rolls of nonwoven fabric blanketing from stitch-bonding machine. Observes fabric winding into rolls to detect defects. Cuts defective fabric from roll, using scissors and joins ends together with needle thread. Doffs full rolls, using chai...
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49) Cleaner Helper Employment Contract
Assists Dry Cleaner laundry rel. to dryclean or wet-clean garments, drapes, and other articles. Starts drycleaning machines and adds filter powder activated carbon to prepare machines for work. Loads & unloads drycleaning washing machines, extractor and tumbler. M...
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50) Day haul Or Farm Charter Bus Driver Employment Contract
Drives bus to transport workers between recruiting point agricultural work area. Ascertains from employer work to be performed, number of workers required and area or field where workers are required. Parks bus at loading area for workers to board according to ref...
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