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Unleavened Dough Mixer Employment Contracts

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31) Putty Mixer And Applier Employment Contract
Mixes oil, drier, and water with whiting powdered chalk to make putty. Fills holes in wood with putty, using pu...
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32) Malted milk Mixer Employment Contract
Tends equipment that mills sifts milk powders. Fastens specified screen in sifter, using handtools and starts hammer mill, vibrating sifter and tank agitator. Starts conveyor that transfers coarse, dried powder from sifter to hammer mill. Turns crank to move motor belt alter speed...
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33) Diamond Powder Mixer Employment Contract
Combines resin, diamond, and silicone carbide powders to form mixture for use in molding diamond-abrasive grinding wheels, following formulas using scraper, spatula, plate glass, and gram weight balance. Selects mixing formula from book according to type of wheel to be...
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34) Color Mixer Employment Contract
Mixes size paint for use in manufacture of window-shade cloth. Mixes, cooks and stirs size with paddle in steam heated pot. Tests mixture with hydrometer & thermometer adds hot or cold water to obtain specified specific gravity. Mixes specified amounts of paint paste, oil, and turpe...
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35) Sand mixer Operator Employment Contract
Controls machine equipped with cutting disks to mix binder and sand, and aerate sand used in construction of molds cores. Sprays water over sand on floor adds binder clay, flour, or molasses to sand. Starts machine & steers it back forth through pile to mix water,...
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36) Grain Mixer Employment Contract
Tends equipment to mix grain for milling into blended flour. Starts belt conveyor adjusts valve controls on automatic feeders to regulate proportions of specified grades of grain flowing from storage tanks onto conveyor. Starts conveyors to transfer grain to milling department. May inspec...
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37) Filler Mixer Employment Contract
Tends equipment that mixes ingredients for icing or filling br Weighs measures ingredients, like sugar, chocolate, food coloring and pulped or ground fruit or nuts, according to recipe. Dumps ingredients into mixing bowl. Selects installs beater arms in mixing machine, using wrench. Tu...
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38) Abrasive Mixer Employment Contract
Tends machine that mixes abrasive compounds for use in making polishing buffing wheels, and hones. Calculates amount of grit, clay and adhesive required according to formulas. Weighs out ingredients, dumps ingredients into mixing machine and starts mixing machine. Fe...
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39) Batch Mixer Employment Contract
Mixes dumps raw materials, like silicas or clays, into mixers. Obtains materials from storage area, using shovel, wheelbarrow, or towmotor and transports material to batching area. Measures specified quantities of materials according to batch cards, using scales or measuring box. Dumps m...
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40) Roto mixer Operator Employment Contract
Drives and operates machine that mixes waterproofing and binding material with soil to stabilize soil for road surfaces airport runways. Pushes levers and turns wheels to set depth of scoop & rotary blades that pick up pulverize soil. Starts engine to propel machine & pow...
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