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Teacher Therapy Employment Contracts

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1) Vocational Education Teacher Employment Contract
Being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations, being honest and ethical, preferring to work with others rath...
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2) Teacher Secondary School Employment Contract
Teaches one or more subjects to students in public or private secondary schools. Instructs students, using various teaching methods, like lecture and demonstration and uses audiovisual aids other materials to supplement presentations. Prepares course objectives & outline fo...
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3) Architecture Teachers Postsecondary Employment Contract
Being honest and ethical, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems, developing ones own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done, a willingness to take...
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4) Teacher Physical Education Employment Contract
Instructs students in physical activities in al institution. Plans physical program to promote development of students physical attributes social skills. Teaches individual & team sports to students, utilizing knowledge of sports techniques of physical capabilities of stu...
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5) Teacher Home Therapy Employment Contract
Instructs parent of mentally- and physically-handicapped children in therapy techniques behavior modification. Observes and plays with child & confers with childs parents and other professionals periodically to obtain information relating to childs mental physical...
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6) Teacher Drama Employment Contract
Teaches acting principles techniques to individuals or groups. Conducts readings to evaluate students talent. Adapts course of study & training methods to meet students need ability. Teaches enunciation, diction, voice development, and dialects, using voice exercises, speech drills...
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7) Radiation therapy Technologist Employment Contract
Provides radiation therapy to patients as prescribed by Radiologist 070. 101-090, according to established practices standards. Reviews prescription, diagnosis, patient chart, identification. Acts as liaison with physicist supportive care personnel. Prepares equipm...
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8) Recreation And Fitness Studies Teacher Employment Contract
Developing ones own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done, being honest and ethical, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being pleasant with others on...
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9) Respiratory therapy Aide Employment Contract
Performs any combination of following tasks to assist personnel in Respiratory Therapy Department. Cleans, disinfects and sterilizes equipment used in administration of respiratory therapy. Examines equipment to detect worn tubes, loose connections, or other indications of d...
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10) Special Education Teacher Employment Contract
Responsible to develop and implement individualized academic programs by performing formal and informal assessments of academic achievement, social-emotional development, and vocational skills according to governmental organizational guidelines. Prepare material...
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