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Squeegee Splicer Rubber Employment Contracts

Looking for free squeegee splicer rubber employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Bed Rubber Employment Contract
Bed Rubber Employment Contract Template
Tends machine that grinds rough-sawed stone blocks or slabs to smooth surface specified finish. Positions designated surface of stone on machine bed rotating circular metal plate , using electric hoist. Dumps abrasive, like grit, sand and steel shot into hopper of machine. St...
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2) Tube Splicer Employment Contract
Tends machine that splices uncured rubber to form inner tubes for tire. Positions ends of tube in machine starts machine that butt-splices tube. Lifts tube to hook places cylinders under fold at each end to prevent creasing of rubber. May cut tube to specified length with hot knife prior...
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3) Fabricator Foam Rubber Employment Contract
Cuts assembles padded articles, like mattresses or cushions, from molded foam rubber sheets, pads, or scrap. Positions and measures or marks pattern outline on foam rubber piece, using tape measure crayon or pencil. Cuts around measurement or pattern outline, using electric kn...
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4) Rubber goods Tester Employment Contract
Tests rubber protective goods, like gloves, sleeves, blankets or mats, and heavy hoods, used by workers working on high-voltage power lines equipment. Examines rubber goods to detect defects, like blisters, breaks, or deterioration. Clips rubber goods to metal rod of dielectr...
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5) Splicer Matcher Employment Contract
Matches precut veneer strips according to grain, pattern, and shade to form face sheet of specified size. Lays strips of veneer on table inspects them for defects. Stacks rejected strips aside for removal. Arranges suitable pieces in order of similar grain, pattern, and shad...
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6) Rubber Curer Employment Contract
Tends equipment, like cylindrical ovens, horizontal pot heaters, tunnel driers, or atmospheric heaters that shrink, cure, or remove moisture from natural or synthetic rubber materials or products. Loads or feeds rubber materials or products, like sheets of raw rubber, devulcanized scrap...
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7) Rubber Employment Contract
Rubs surfaces of , to which filler, stain, glaze, or washcoat has been applied, to remove surplus filler or finish. Rubs filler into pores of open-grained wood spreads stain, glaze, or washcoat evenly over wood surfaces, using brush, cloth, or power rubbing tool. Wipes surfaces with cloth to r...
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8) Squeegee Tender Employment Contract
Tends unit of band building machine that rolls squeegee gum strip onto ply stock. Lifts rolls of gum strip and squeegee onto letoff rods of machine threads stock through series of guide rollers. Lifts bias-cut ply stock from conveyor to apron of machine. Turns setscrews to adjust apr...
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9) Assembler Rubber Footwear Employment Contract
Places parts joins seams to assemble rubber footwear articles as they pass by on lasts on conveyor jacks, performing any combination of following tasks. Places last on conveyor jack. Removes upper from conveyor, wraps around last and presses back seam at heel to...
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10) Rubber goods Cutter finisher Employment Contract
Sets up and operates variety of machines to cut, drill, punch, and grind molded extruded br Changes dies, drills, knives, abrasive wheels and cutter bars as specified. Adjusts equipment, like boring machine, tubing cutter, notch cutter, washer cutter and add...
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