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Scratcher Employment Contracts

Looking for free scratcher employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Scratcher Employment Contract
Scratcher Employment Contract Template
Tends machine that buffs unfinished felt or wool hat bodies to raise, smooth, or polish nap. Secures hat block of specified size in chuck of machine, pulls hat body over block and starts machine. Depresses pedal to rotate block & force hat body against rotating felt, sandpaper, or sharkski...
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2) Scratcher Metal Patterns Employment Contract
Fits, assembles, and hand finishes castings and parts in making of metal patterns, using handtools analyzing specifications according to knowledge of pattern-making methods. Studies blueprint of part to be cast, computes dimensions and plans sequence of operatio...
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3) Rug Scratcher Employment Contract
Combs rugs to pull out short yarns, uncut loops, and pull up yarn ends, using scratching tool. Pushes tool back and forth across surface of rug & clips uncut loops long yarn ends, using...
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4) Scratcher Tender Employment Contract
Tends mill equipped with scratcher that granulates color mix for use in hard-surface floor covering. Adjusts roll clearance speed of scratcher motor to attain required particle size, using handtools. Starts scratch mill and positions pans under discharge trough to receiv...
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