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Sample Steamer Employment Contracts

Looking for free sample steamer employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Sample Steamer Employment Contract
Sample Steamer Employment Contract Template
Tends miniature equipment that develops color in sample swatches of printed cloth. Places sample in miniature steam cabinet and turns valves to spray chemicals steam into cabinet for specified period of time. Removes sample swatch from cabinet & washes swatch by hand to remove excess...
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2) Sample Maker Hand Employment Contract
Fabricates sample paper or polyethylene bags by hand for use by sales department. Cuts, folds and fastens bags, adds eyelets and attaches handles, according to specifications, using rules, scissors and past...
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3) Milk Sampler Employment Contract
Collects milk samples from farms, dairy plants, and tank cars trucks for laboratory analysis. Removes sample from bulk tanks, tankers or milking machine, using dipper or pipette and pours sample into sterile bottles. Weighs samples, using scale. Labels bottle with origin of sample,...
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4) First Sampler Employment Contract
Operates machines to form cut of copper ingot into wire samples for metallurgical testing. Smooths lateral sides of sample with emery wheel. Heats sample in furnace to light-red glow. Rolls sample into rod by passing rod through rolling machine. Coils rod immerses rod in acid bath to re...
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5) Porter Sample Case Employment Contract
Carries or rolls sample cases while accompanying sales representative on calls to wholesale or retail stores. Opens sample cases upon arrival at store and assists sales representative in displaying merchandise to prospective buyers. Replaces merchandise when sales representative h...
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6) Steel Sampler Employment Contract
Collects samples of materials, like scrap iron and ore, and products, like metal sheets, rails, tubes, and bars, and prepares samples for physical analysis, using grinders, crushers, drill press, power saws milling machine. Identifies samples routes samples to labo...
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7) Sample Clerk Paper Employment Contract
Prepares samples of paper and paper products for filing mailing, performing any combination of following tasks. Collects samples of paper from paper machines, coating machines, supercalenders cutting machines. Cuts samples to specified dimensions, using paper cutter. Marks s...
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8) Sample Tailor Employment Contract
Marks and cuts out material sews parts of new style s, following patterns, sketches, and design specifications, to prepare sample s. Selects parts threads, according to design specifications. Positions aligns parts of sample together, following markings on parts, sketches...
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9) Supervisor Frame Sample And Pattern Employment Contract
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in machining and building sample frames patterns. Analyzes production forms to verify accuracy of figures and to estimate cost factors, like raw materials production time, using calculator. Studies...
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10) Samples And Repairs Preparer Employment Contract
Duplicates sample jewelry articles by shaping, assembling, and cutting findings for soldering other operations, using original sample as guide. Repairs jewelry damaged during processing by replacing or reshaping defective parts, using handtools mach...
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