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River Tester Employment Contracts

Looking for free river tester employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) River Tester Employment Contract
River Tester Employment Contract Template
Tests, repairs, and rebuilds experimental outboard motors parts to specified operating efficiency, using machine tools, precision measuring instruments, jigs, and fixtures. Mounts motor to boat operates boat at various speeds on waterway to conduct operational tests. Observes &...
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2) Driver Starting Gate Employment Contract
Steers vehicle equipped with rear folding barrier gate that allows alignment positioning of horses abreast of gate prior to official start of sulky harness race. Accepts control of vehicle acceleration from Horse-Race Starter amuse. rec. 153. 267-010 who simultaneously ac...
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3) Driver Helper Sales Route Employment Contract
Aids Driver, Sales Route in providing sales, services, or deliveries of goods to customers over an established route, performing any combination of the following duties. Loads and unloads truck at beginning end of trip. Carries merchandise from truck to customers home o...
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4) Furniture mover Driver Employment Contract
Loads furniture into van, drives truck to specified destination, and unloads furniture. Drives van to loading point consults householder on furniture to be moved. Gives directions to Van-Driver Helper in moving articles to van. Wraps furniture with blankets to prevent...
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5) Superintendent Drivers Employment Contract
Supervises Bus Drivers coordinates bus schedules to maintain service. Gives instructions to Bus Drivers in operation of various types of buses. Observes records number of passengers on buses. Studies reports devises new schedules according to passenger traffic patterns....
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6) Oil Tester Employment Contract
Tests and analyzes samples of crude oil and petroleum products during processing stages, using laboratory apparatus, testing equipment, and following standard test procedures to define physical and chemical properties ensure products meet quality control standards. Tests sampl...
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7) Proof Tester Employment Contract
Fires small arms weapons to test loading, firing, and ejection mechanisms. Places gun in fixture of proof-shoot box and loads it with ammunition. Fires gun specified number of times manually & by remote control to test its shock resistance function of loading, firing and additional...
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8) Bus Driver Day haul Or Farm Charter Employment Contract
Drives bus to transport workers between recruiting point agricultural work area. Ascertains from employer work to be performed, number of workers required and area or field where workers are required. Parks bus at loading area for workers to board according to ref...
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9) Gas Tester Employment Contract
Tests compressed gases for moisture content, purity, ratio of gases in mixture, and cylinder pressure, using standard testing equipment following specified procedures. Drains gas samples from tanks, or rolls cylinders to test station. Adjusts test equipment, like volumetric moisture t...
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10) Rubber goods Tester Employment Contract
Tests rubber protective goods, like gloves, sleeves, blankets or mats, and heavy hoods, used by workers working on high-voltage power lines equipment. Examines rubber goods to detect defects, like blisters, breaks, or deterioration. Clips rubber goods to metal rod of dielectr...
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