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Production Assembler Employment Contracts

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31) Clip on Sunglasses Assembler Employment Contract
Assembles clip-on sunglasses, using handtools holding fixture. Fits metal frame into slots of plastic frame, presses lenses into metal frame grooves and places assembly into holding fixture. Fits clip-on attachment into slots of plastic frame top. Inserts and sets...
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32) Furniture Assembler Employment Contract
Assembles wooden parts or assemblies to form sections, frames, or complete articles of br Trims joints to fit, using handtools. Blows dust from mortises areas to be glued, using airhose. Spreads glue on surfaces to be joined by drawing wood across roller partially submerged in gl...
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33) Production Assistant Employment Contract
Assist fellow staff in all phases of book production including editing, art creation, composition, proofreading, indexing, and proof trafficking. Schedule track progress of manuscripts, art/photos and permissions using a variety of software packages from development through...
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34) Group Assembler Employment Contract
Fits together mechanical parts at workbench or assembly floor to make subassemblies for internal combustion engines according to drawings or routing sheets, using handtools power tools. Places basic part of assembly, like carburetor, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, governor, cam hous...
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35) Light bulb Assembler Employment Contract
Tends variety of machines that assemble electric light bulbs, performing any combination of following tasks. Feeds parts and materials, like lead & fuse wires, glass tubing, flares and getter fluid, into machine that automatically shapes combines them to make mounts units whic...
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36) Lead Worker Wafer Production Employment Contract
Assists supervisor in coordinating activities of workers engaged in abrading, cleaning, etching, heattreating, testing, inspecting, sawing, and other processes in manufacturing semiconductor wafers, utilizing knowledge of equipment, procedures, and specification...
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37) Assembler Portable Oil well Drilling Rig Employment Contract
Assembles mining machinery, like continuous miners, loading machines, cutting machines, locomotives, hydraulic backhoes, and portable oil well drilling rigs according to blueprints written specifications, using handtools, power handtools, and other p...
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38) Touring Production Manager Employment Contract
Travels with manages business affairs of theatrical company on tour. Completes various arrangements, like contracting union agreements, hiring stage hands and procuring legal permits for performance. Approves budgetary items for advertising promotional purposes. Audits box...
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39) Geothermal Production Manager Employment Contract
Being honest and ethical, a willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems, being careful about...
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40) Clock Assembler Employment Contract
Attaches power cords, cases, dials, and hands to electric clock movements to assemble electric clocks, using handtools. Inserts end of power cord through opening in clock case splices wires from motor of clock movement to cord, using plastic connectors. Fastens case to clock move...
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