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Printing Gray Cloth Tender Employment Contracts

Looking for free printing gray cloth tender employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Printing Gray cloth Tender Employment Contract
Printing Gray cloth Tender Employment Contract Template
Feeds back gray cloth into cloth printing machine, and removes printed cloth from delivery end of machine. Trucks rolls of back gray cloth to printing machine, removes burlap wrapping and sews end of cloth to preceding roll, using sewing machine. Starts feeding roller...
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2) Dry Folder Cloth Employment Contract
Tends machine that smooths folds knitted tubing as tubing unwinds from rolls. Puts roll of tubing on turning rod of machine. Threads end of tubing over supporting rolls of machine, through steam rolls and through feed rolls which pull tubing over spreader through steam r...
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3) Fiber machine Tender Employment Contract
Tends one or more machines that form fiberglass filaments from molten glass combine filaments into sliver. Pulls fiberglass filaments extruded through bushing over sleeve where binding solution is applied into groove of graphite shoe that binds filaments into single strand of sli...
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4) Finished cloth Checker Employment Contract
Examines finished cloth for defects, like grease spots, tears, and variations in color, finish, and dimensions. Measures width of cloth with ruler to detect variations from customer plant standards. Turns through cloth folds or pulls cloth over inspection frame & feel...
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5) Printing shop Supervisor Employment Contract
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in photographing and assembling images, making plates, setting type, operating printing presses and related machines & equipment, and assembling stitching pamphlets, leaflets, and books. Inspects film...
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6) Bead Blasting Machine Tender Employment Contract
Performs any combination of following tasks to tend equipment that cleans dirt, scale, and other materials from metal objects with blast of abrasive, like steel shot, sand, steel grit, or glass beads. Dumps or shovels objects into tumbler and starts tumbler that exp...
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7) Screen printing machine operator Helper Employment Contract
Performs variety of duties to assist automatic screen-printing machine operator in printing multicolored patterns on s. Turns thumbscrews and loosens tightens bolts, using wrench, to remove, replace, adjust, or align screens in bed of screen printing machine a...
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8) Strip tank Tender Employment Contract
Tends electrolytic stripping tank to remove excess silver solder from brazed areas of shotgun barrels. Loads barrels in rack and immerses rack in hot cleaning solution & rinsing baths, to remove grease dirt. Lowers rack into electrolytic tank filled with sodium cyanide solution, us...
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9) Heating and ventilating Tender Employment Contract
Tends ventilating and heating equipment, like fans, vacuum pumps, air compressors, vents ducts, and lubrication-oil coolers used in buildings or industrial processes. Adjusts valves to regulate temperature of lubrication oil flow of water through system. Mov...
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10) Piece dyeing machine Tender Employment Contract
Tends machine that bleaches or dyes cloth in rope form. Hangs cuts of cloth over reel above beck dye tub br Sews ends of cloth together to form endless rope from each cut of cloth, using portable sewing machine. Sets gauges to control automatic cycle of washing, dyeing,...
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