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Painter Animated Cartoons Employment Contracts

Looking for free painter animated cartoons employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Painter Animated Cartoons Employment Contract
Painter Animated Cartoons Employment Contract Template
Applies premixed color paints on back of inked celluloids to depict animated cartoon characters, using brush. Scans celluloid on which characters have been drawn to define number codes of paints required. Brushes paint within outline of character, according to number code sp...
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2) Spray Painter Helper Employment Contract
Assists Painter, Spray I 741. 684-026 to spray-paint surfaces of materials or products, performing any combination of following tasks. Loads moves materials to work area, using handtruck or dolly. Fills containers with prescribed quantities of paint thinner. Applies masking to...
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3) Painter Employment Contract
Applies coats of paint, varnish, stain, enamel, or lacquer to decorate and protect interior or exterior surfaces, trimmings, and fixtures of buildings other structures. Reads work order or receives instructions from supervisor or homeowner regarding painting. Smooths surfaces, usi...
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4) Painter Panel Edge Employment Contract
Applies paint to unfinished edges of plastic panels, using hand roller, prior to assembly of panels into tabletops. Wipes excess paint from top of edges, using rag. Stacks panels on pallet for transporting to asse...
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5) Painter Rough Employment Contract
Performs duties as described under Painter, Spray I 741. 684-026 where coating of surface or product is required without need for finished appearance. Sprays manufactured articles on assembly line, or travels to work site to spray materials, like waterproofing, adhesive, foam, or pai...
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6) Tumbling Barrel Painter Employment Contract
Tends tumbling barrel-painting machine that coats articles of porous materials, like wooden shoe tree turnings or toy parts, with coating materials, like paint, varnish, or lacquer. Places parts into tumbling barrel. Mixes coating material & thinner as specified pours over par...
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7) Film Painter Employment Contract
Examines photographic negatives for defects paints over defects preparatory to transferring images to sensitized zinc plates or copper rollers, using measuring instruments, brushes, and handtools. Spreads negatives over illuminated table marks register points on negatives, using str...
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8) Final touch up Painter Employment Contract
Brushes or sprays paint to cover scratches, chips, or repairs in painted finish of items, like refrigerator cabinets, washing machines, or automobile bodies. Cleans prepares surface for painting, using water, solvent and scraper. Applies thin, even coat of finish material, lik...
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9) Animated cartoon Artist Employment Contract
Draws animated cartoons for use in motion pictures or television. Renders series of sequential drawings of characters or other subject material which when photographed projected at specific speed becomes animated. May label each section with designated colors when colors are u...
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10) Touch up Painter Hand Employment Contract
Paints articles, like clock or instrument hands dials, engraved surfaces, glass tubes, and ceramics, to cover or touch up articles, using brush. Inspects workpiece for inspectors markings or defects. Wipes, scrapes, sands, or applies cleaning solution to surface to prepare...
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