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Plastics And Composites Inspector
(Employment Contract #806261046)

inspects and tests plastic and composite aircraft and aerospace parts, assemblies, and structures for work quality, dimensional accuracy, and conformance to engineering drawings & specifications, usi...

Pretzel Twister
(Employment Contract #400207)

twists round strips of dough to form into pretzels. picks piece of dough from conveyor and holds one end between thumb forefinger of each hand. flips dough into loop and crosses presses ends to outer circumference. arrang...

News Information Resource Manager
(Employment Contract #100656)

manages information resources stored in files, on tape or microfilm, or in computers for use by news and editorial staff in publishing establishments, like newspaper and magazine publishers, and in broad...

Pet Food Deboner
(Employment Contract #400400)

tends deboning-grinder machine that separates flesh from bones to make boneless ground pet food. positions and secures hopper, screw and disk assemblies in deboning-grinder machine housings, using wrench and depresses buttons to ac...

Power saw Mechanic
(Employment Contract #403138)

repairs and maintains portable saws powered by internal combustion engines, following manufacturers repair manuals using handtools. disassembles engine replaces defective parts, like piston rings, bearings and timing mechani...

Process Planner
(Employment Contract #100141)

plans prepares production schedules for manufacture of industrial or commercial products. draws up master schedule to establish sequence lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders...

Personal Care Aide
(Employment Contract #39902100)

being honest and ethical, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being sensitive to others needs and feelings and being understanding and helpful on the job, accepting criticism and dealing calmly a...

Pit Steward
(Employment Contract #100811)

directs activities at automobile or motorcycle racetrack. determines qualifying order of vehicles for each race based on trial event results or by drawing numbers. assigns starters amuse. rec. to position on track. controls traffic to...

Piece dyeing machine Tender
(Employment Contract #402153)

tends machine that bleaches or dyes cloth in rope form. hangs cuts of cloth over reel above beck dye tub br sews ends of cloth together to form endless rope from each cut of cloth, using portable sewing machine. sets gaug...

Packaging Engineer
(Employment Contract #100216)

plans and directs activities concerned with design development of protective packaging containers. analyzes engineering drawings and specifications of product to define physical characteristics of item, special-handling safe...

Police Radio Dispatcher
(Employment Contract #201043)

receives complaints from public concerning crimes police emergencies, broadcasts orders to police radio patrol units in vicinity to investigate complaint, and relays instructions or questions from remote units. records cal...

Network Control Operators Supervisor
(Employment Contract #100296)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in monitoring or installing data communication lines resolving user data communication problems. distributes work assignments monitors daily logs of...

Potato chip Frier
(Employment Contract #400669)

tends machine that washes, slices, fries, and salts potatoes to make potato chips. opens valve to pump preheated cooking oil into cooking vats. adjusts burner controls to maintain specified temperature in cooking vats. turns val...

(Employment Contract #100200)

analyzes source data and prepares mosaic prints, contour maps, profile sheets, and related cartographic materials requiring technical mastery of photogrammetric techniques principles. prepares original maps, charts and dr...

Plaster die Maker
(Employment Contract #406214)

casts plaster dies for hydraulic ram press that forms pottery ware. places wire mesh over die face of master model presses or taps mesh with wooden mallet to contour of model. wires nonmetallic conduit to wire mesh. removes wire mesh...

Paperboard Products Production Scheduler
(Employment Contract #200065)

prepares production schedules and miscellaneous reports for manufacturing such paperboard products as corrugated folded cartons, boxes, and containers. examines blueprint or drawings to define type...

Project Engineer
(Employment Contract #14077)

provides engineering assistance to make sure compliance with all laws/regulations standard operating procedures. serves as resource regarding facility operation in the areas of process evaluation/improvement, project definition, devel...

(Employment Contract #405898)

vulcanizes breaks and holes in casings treads of motor vehicle tires. cuts trims broken sections of tire with knife. scrapes cleans area, using electrically or air-rotated wire brush. coats break on inside of tire with rubber cement. cu...

Pit Boss
(Employment Contract #100811)

directs activities at automobile or motorcycle racetrack. determines qualifying order of vehicles for each race based on trial event results or by drawing numbers. assigns starters amuse. rec. to position on track. controls traffic to mak...

Printed Circuit Boards Beveler
(Employment Contract #404604)

operates machine to bevel printed circuit board pcb connectors. reads work order to define specified angle depth of bevel. turns knobs to adjust machine cutting tool. slides pcb along guide over cutting tool to bevel p...

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