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Mill Employment Contracts

Looking for free mill employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Wet milling wheel Oper Employment Contract
Wet milling wheel Oper Employment Contract Template
Tends machine equipped with revolving drum containing solutions that clean, dye, tan, or oil hides or rag stock. Places hides in drum or loads rags onto drum conveyor locks drum door. Turns valves to fill drum with specified solution water or steam. Moves controls to rotate dru...
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2) Sawmill Worker Employment Contract
Performs any combination of following duties in preparing logs for cutting into lumber storing cut lumber in sawmill. Unloads logs from trucks or cars. Rolls logs onto sawmill deck. Examines logs for defects, like embedded pieces of iron or stone, decayed wood from splits, and mar...
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3) Mill Feeder Employment Contract
Tends machine that mixes meat scraps, used in poultry feed, into uniform mixture. Starts machine opens slide gate in hopper to feed scraps into machine. Observes meter adjusts slide gates in feed hopper to regulate flow of material int...
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4) Feed Mill Supervisor Employment Contract
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in grinding, screening, and mixing stock and poultry feed from grain other ingredients according to specifications. Directs grinding of feed materials, like grain, alfalfa and corn cobs in hammer mills, or att...
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5) Millroom Supervisor Employment Contract
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving, weighing, and unloading coal in yard of industrial plant, in unloading coal from barges into coal hoppers, and in blending, pulverizing, and conveying coal to various processing units or storage area...
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6) Mill labor Supervisor Employment Contract
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining ball mills, classifiers, flotation machines, and other ore-dressing equipment, and in cleaning offices, rest rooms, and work areas. Performs other duties as described under Supervisor any industr...
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7) Cocoa mill Operator Employment Contract
Tends automatic equipment and machinery that pulverizes cocoa cakes into powder of specified fineness and weighs bags cocoa powders. Starts conveyors to move cocoa cakes through rollers of crusher into hammer mill for grinding into powder, through cooling chamber and into...
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8) Grain Mill Products Inspector Employment Contract
Weighs packaged cereal, feed, and flour products to verify weights examines packages for adequacy of labeling, stamping, sewing, or sealing. Records weights on report form. Tests scales for accuracy, using standard weights and adjusts scales. Compares s...
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9) Computerized Mill Mill Recorder Employment Contract
Compiles and feeds input data into computer that controls reduction processing of steel slabs on roughing section of hot-strip rolling mill and records mill production operating data. Reviews rolling schedule to ascertain operational data, like slab sizes, meta...
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10) Fulling mill Operator Employment Contract
Operates fulling mill to shrink interlock fibers of woolen cloth by application of moisture, heat, and pressure. Threads cloth through tension guides or rollers which control shrinkage in width between pressure rollers and through trap crimp box which controls shrinkage...
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