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Milk Condenser Employment Contracts

Looking for free milk condenser employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Milk Hauler Employment Contract
Milk Hauler Employment Contract Template
Drives insulated tank truck to transport bulk milk between farms, dairies, and commercial establishments. Examines milk to detect sediment or stale odor and takes sample for laboratory analysis. Observes level gauge of storage tank & computes records weight of milk in tank. Connects...
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2) Milk Sampler Employment Contract
Collects milk samples from farms, dairy plants, and tank cars trucks for laboratory analysis. Removes sample from bulk tanks, tankers or milking machine, using dipper or pipette and pours sample into sterile bottles. Weighs samples, using scale. Labels bottle with origin of sample,...
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3) Milker Machine Employment Contract
Tends machine that milks dairy cows. Guides cow into stanchion and washes teats udder of cow with disinfectant. Squeezes cows teat to collect sample of milk in strainer cup & examines sample for curd blood. Starts milking machine attaches cups of machine to teats of cow. Removes cups...
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4) Malted milk Masher Employment Contract
Tends kettles and separating machines that cook mash separate resulting liquid wort br Assembles piping starts pump or turns valve to start flow of mash from grinder to kettles. Places time temperature chart in automatic recorder. Starts sweep to stir mash. Turns valve to...
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5) Condenser tube Tender Employment Contract
Tends battery of condenser tubes in which gaseous mercury is condensed into liquid mercury. Places water-filled buckets at base of each tube to collect liquid mercury. Removes buckets as mercury accumulates, pours off water and strains mercury into steel flask. Pour...
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6) Sales service Representative Milking Machines Employment Contract
Sells, installs, and repairs milking equipment. Calls on farmers to solicit repair business to sell new milking equipment, like vacuum pumps, buckets, pipelines and replacement parts. Demonstrates milking machines. Cuts and threads pipe attac...
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7) Milk Receiver Employment Contract
Dumps, weighs, and records weight of incoming milk received in milk cans by dairy, and tends washing machine that sterilizes empty cans. Presses switch to activate conveyor of can washing machine and turns valves to admit steam water to machine. Presses switch to activate con...
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8) Milking system Installer Employment Contract
Installs and services automatic milking systems in barns and milkhouses, using handtools power tools. Confers with customer to ascertain needs, sketches layout and estimates costs for optimum equipment layout. Drills holes bolts milking equipment, like control panels...
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9) Malted milk Mixer Employment Contract
Tends equipment that mills sifts milk powders. Fastens specified screen in sifter, using handtools and starts hammer mill, vibrating sifter and tank agitator. Starts conveyor that transfers coarse, dried powder from sifter to hammer mill. Turns crank to move motor belt alter speed...
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10) Malted Milk Supervisor Employment Contract
Supervises workers engaged in making, bottling, and packaging malted milk powder. Assigns production runs to operators of mashing, evaporating, drying, blending, filling and casing machines. Tours department to observe machines, production records and automat...
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