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Graphic Arts Assistant Employment Contracts

Looking for free graphic arts assistant employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) LithographicStripper Employment Contract
LithographicStripper Employment Contract Template
Plans composition of film flat according to customers requirements, applying knowledge of film assembly; pieces together and positions negative or positive film on layout sheets; and makes composite film, using precision measuring instruments, artists work aids photograph...
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2) Assistant Designer Employment Contract
Lays out, marks, and cuts muslin pattern parts for manufacturer of womens sportswear, using design sketch, master pattern, and scissors. Traces outline of specified paperboard pattern onto muslin fabric and cuts muslin pattern, using scissors. Positions pins muslin patt...
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3) Customer Care Assistant Employment Contract
Responds to telephone inquiries and complaints using standard scripts procedures. Gathers information, researches/resolves inquiries logs customer calls. Communicates appropriate options for resolution in a timely manner. Informs customers about services available asses...
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4) Graduate Assistant Employment Contract
Assists department chairperson, faculty members or other professional staff members in college or university, by performing any combination of following duties. Assists in library, develops teaching materials, like syllabi and visual aids, assists in laboratory or field research,...
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5) Dental Ceramist Assistant Employment Contract
Performs any combination of following tasks to assist Dental Ceramist 712. 381-042 in molding dental prostheses, like crowns, bridges, and tooth facings. Brushes liquid separating solution on tip of tooth die covers die with wax sheet. Invests wax impressions in pla...
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6) Assistant Signal Maintainer And Signaling Equipment Technician Employment Contract
Assists Signal Maintainer r. r. trans. to install and repair railroad signals signal equipment, working as member of crew. Loads & unloads equipment supplies from trucks or flatcars. Digs holes, using post-hole digger, lines holes wit...
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7) Semiconductor Wafers Photographic Aligner Employment Contract
Operates photographic equipment to align expose mask circuit pattern with photoresist-coated semiconductor wafer to produce image of circuit pattern on wafer surface. Inserts mask into aligning equipment. Places wafer in wafer holders, like chuck or conveyor,...
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8) Assistant Legal Employment Contract
Frequent travel for trial preparation trial. Trial preparation to include copying, document review, document organization, bates stamping, legal research searching documents in concordance/relativity/summation. During trial, load documents to run sanction presentations. Conducting leg...
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9) Instructor Dramatic Arts Employment Contract
Teaches acting principles techniques to individuals or groups. Conducts readings to evaluate students talent. Adapts course of study & training methods to meet students need ability. Teaches enunciation, diction, voice development, and dialects, using voice exercises, sp...
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10) Laboratory Assistant Blood And Plasma Employment Contract
Performs routine laboratory tasks related to processing whole blood blood components. Centrifuges whole blood to produce various components including packed red cells, platelet concentrate, washed red cells and plasma. Examines blood stock at designated interval...
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