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41) Boilermaker Mechanic Employment Contract
Assembles boilers, tanks, vats, and pressure vessels according to blueprint specifications, using power tools handtools. Reads blueprint to define location relationship of parts. Connects firetubes to heads or watertubes to drums & headers of boilers, by expanding as well as...
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42) Statue Maker Employment Contract
Designs constructs three-dimensional art works, utilizing any combination of mediums, methods, and techniques. Carves objects from stone, concrete, plaster, wood, or other material, using abrasives, chisels, gouges, mallets and other handtools power tools. Models plastic substance,...
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43) Cushion mat Maker Employment Contract
Fills cushion covers with moss, hair, kapok, down, foam cushions, or spring units, using any of following methods. 1 Stuffs loose fibers, layers of material, or foam cushions into cover with hands. Beats cushions with hands to smooth out lumps. 2 Places layers of cotton wadding...
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44) Bell Maker Employment Contract
Lays out pattern and shapes sheet metal into brass-wind instrument bells bell necks, using templates, machine tools, handtools, and blueprints. Traces pattern of bell onto metal, using scribe template or blueprint. Cuts out bell blank, using hand or power shears. Hammers blank...
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45) Preform Plate Maker Employment Contract
Constructs wooden or paper templates for laying-out cutting lines on fiberglass materials used in manufacturing plastic boats. Positions sheets of paper on sections of molds for hulls, decks, or other parts of boat. Fits paper over contours & into corners of molds marks outline wi...
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46) Spool Maker Employment Contract
Tends machine that presses glued cardboard tubes disks to form gift wrap ribbon spools. Places cardboard disk endpieces into slots on sides of machine vise. Dips ends of cardboard tube in glue places tube between disks in vise. Depresses pedal to press disks tube together to f...
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47) Bow string Maker Employment Contract
Makes strings for archery bows. Loops string around posts of jig ties ends together, waxing ends by hand. Holds end of string spins hand-winding jig to form loops on both ends. Attaches string to post winds strands to complete bow string. Winds extra wrapping around string to give pr...
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48) Varnish maker Helper Employment Contract
Assists Varnish Maker paint varnish in manufacturing varnish, performing any combination of following duties. Transfers ingredients, like gums, resin, turpentine and oils from storage to work area, using handtruck. Weighs specified amounts of dry materials shovels or dumps the...
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49) Metal Organ pipe Maker Employment Contract
Casts metal into sheets and forms metal pipes for pipe organs, using handtools and knowledge of metal properties pipe making. Melts mixture of lead tin in melting pot. Pours molten metal onto flat table to form sheets. Brushes sizing onto sheets and cuts sheets,...
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50) Bow Maker Custom Employment Contract
Selects, laminates, shapes, and finishes woods, plastics, and metals to make archery bows. Selects materials from stock according to customers specifications and preshapes parts, using handtools power tools. Applies specified adhesives between parts. Assembles parts places...
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