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Experimental Physicist Employment Contracts

Looking for free experimental physicist employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Medical Physicist Employment Contract
Medical Physicist Employment Contract Template
Applies knowledge and methodology of science of physics to all aspects of medicine, to address problems related to diagnosis treatment of human disease. Advises and consults with physicians in such applications as use of ionizing radiation in diagnosis, therapy, treatment pl...
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2) Health Physicist Employment Contract
Devises and directs research, training, and monitoring programs to protect plant laboratory personnel from radiation hazards. Conducts research to develop inspection standards, radiation exposure limits for personnel, safe work methods and decontamination procedures plus...
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3) Experimental box Tester Employment Contract
Designs and constructs boxes for experimental test purposes. Measures tests strength of boxes made by competitors, disassembles boxes and records findi...
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4) Coremaker Experimental Employment Contract
Makes sand cores used in molds to form holes or hollows in metal castings. Cleans core box with blast of compressed air. Dusts parting sand over inside of core box to facilitate removal of finished core. Partially fills core box with sand by pulling cord that releases sand from...
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5) Outboard Motors Experimental Mechanic Employment Contract
Tests, repairs, and rebuilds experimental outboard motors parts to specified operating efficiency, using machine tools, precision measuring instruments, jigs, and fixtures. Mounts motor to boat operates boat at various speeds on waterway to conduct oper...
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6) Theoretical Physicist Employment Contract
Designs, conceives, and interprets experiments in physics formulates theories consistent with data obtained. Analyzes results of experiments designed to detect measure previously unobserved physical phenomena. Applies mathematical methods to solution of physical...
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7) Geophysicist Employment Contract
Studies physical aspects of earth, including its atmosphere hydrosphere. Investigates measures seismic, gravitational, electrical, thermal and magnetic forces affecting earth, utilizing principles of physics, mathematics and chemistry. Analyzes data obtained to compute shape of earth,...
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8) Experimental rocket sled Mechanic Employment Contract
Installs, adjusts, and repairs recording and control instruments structural components in experimental rocket sleds according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, and test equipment. Mounts instruments, like telemetering transmitter, strain g...
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9) Biophysicist Employment Contract
Studies physical principles of living cells and organisms, their electrical and mechanical energy, related phenomena. Conducts research to investigate dynamics in such areas as seeing and hearing; the transmission of electrical impulses along nerves & muscles and damage to ce...
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10) Experimental Aircraft And Engine Mechanic Field And Hangar Employment Contract
Inspects, tests, repairs, maintains, services, and modifies experimental prototype aircraft, engines, accessories, and components according to governmental, company, and customer requirements. Assembles and installs aircraft e...
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