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Cotton Sampler Employment Contracts

Looking for free cotton sampler employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Cotton Sampler Employment Contract
Cotton Sampler Employment Contract Template
Removes samples of cotton from bales for classification purposes. Cuts bale band and burlap covering, using shears knife. Opens outside layers of cotton and pulls or cuts samples from interior of each side of bale. Tears stub from bale identification tag, places stub in s...
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2) Cotton Classer Aide Employment Contract
Performs any combination of following duties to assist Cotton Classer ; textile 429. 387-010. Records grades called out by Cotton Classer ; textile on sample classification certificates related documents. Summarizes tabulates classification results, using specified numeric sym...
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3) Milk Sampler Employment Contract
Collects milk samples from farms, dairy plants, and tank cars trucks for laboratory analysis. Removes sample from bulk tanks, tankers or milking machine, using dipper or pipette and pours sample into sterile bottles. Weighs samples, using scale. Labels bottle with origin of sample,...
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4) First Sampler Employment Contract
Operates machines to form cut of copper ingot into wire samples for metallurgical testing. Smooths lateral sides of sample with emery wheel. Heats sample in furnace to light-red glow. Rolls sample into rod by passing rod through rolling machine. Coils rod immerses rod in acid bath to re...
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5) Steel Sampler Employment Contract
Collects samples of materials, like scrap iron and ore, and products, like metal sheets, rails, tubes, and bars, and prepares samples for physical analysis, using grinders, crushers, drill press, power saws milling machine. Identifies samples routes samples to labo...
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6) Sampler Pickup Employment Contract
Collects samples of grain, mash, or wort, and alcoholic s in various stages of processing for laboratory analysis. Dips, scoops, or siphons samples into laboratory containers labels containers to identify sample. Records information like sampling station & time, or brewer name loc...
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7) Head Sampler Employment Contract
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in crushing, drying, screening, and testing samples of ores preparatory to assaying them. Performs duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...
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8) Waste cotton Cleaner Employment Contract
Tends machine that opens, cleans, fluffs, and reduces soft waste yarn, sliver, and roving to fiber for reuse. Spreads armfuls of waste material on feeder apron of machine. Starts machine and wraps web of processed material around takeup roller or positions...
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9) Cotton ball Bagger Employment Contract
Removes absorbent cotton surgical sponges from automatic balling machine, observes sponges for size shape, and fills bags with specified number of sponges. Places filled bags in cartons for shipment. May fold seal plastic bag tops, using elec...
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10) Coal Sampler Employment Contract
Collects coal samples from hopper cars or coal bunkers preparatory to testing. Inserts specified size of pipe in car or bunker, using sledgehammer, to facilitate gathering coal sample. Dumps coal from pipe into container records sample source. Carries sample to testing l...
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