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Collet Gluer Employment Contracts

Looking for free collet gluer employment contracts examples that help to format a template and write job agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Collet Gluer Employment Contract
Collet Gluer Employment Contract Template
Applies glue to hairspring and balance wheel assembly of auto clocks tends oven that dries glue to secure parts together. Places hairspring balance wheel assembly in slots of die, using tweezers. Applies glue to inner coil of hairspring to join hairspring to balance staff collet,...
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2) Mica washer Gluer Employment Contract
Builds up glues mica washers for use as electrical insulators. Dumps washers into tumbler equipped with series of upright spindles onto which washers fall as tumbler spins. Removes spindles filled with washers, dips spindles into binding solution and places spindles c...
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3) Collet Driller Employment Contract
Tends drill press that drills holes in metal collars collets prior to assembly with watch escapement movement. Positions collets on bed of drill press, using tweezers. Lowers revolving drill to bore countersink hole i...
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4) Veneer Gluer Employment Contract
Tends machine that spreads glue on both sides of precut veneer stock crossbands or core boards or particleboard before assembly into plywood or veneered panels. Turns valve on glue hopper above machine to fill troughs formed between application rollers doctor rolls. Turns handwheel, cr...
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5) Collet Maker Employment Contract
Operates three-stage collet making machine to cut chamfer outside diameters of watch collets, face them to specified thickness, drill hairspring hole, and saw slot in collet. Feeds collet into machine starts machine. Removes collets by hand, verifies finished collet dimensions, usin...
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6) Hand Gluer And Slicer Employment Contract
Glues one end of stack of paper slices stack into sections for making such products as legal tablets, notebooks, and scratch pads. Brushes coat of glue on end of stack, covers end with cheesecloth brushes glue over cheesecloth. Pushes stack along conveyor into drying chambe...
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7) Wedger and gluer Employment Contract
Glues and shapes fibrous veneer strips to sides ends of wooden shuttle blanks. Brushes glue on veneer strips aligns them on sides of shuttle blanks to form even surface. Clamps several veneered shuttle blanks together in rack hangs racks in drying room. Removes racks brushes g...
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8) Panel Gluer Employment Contract
Tends machine that utilizes pressure electronic energy to bond preglued wooden parts together. Turns knobs to regulate clamp pressure, intensity of electron emission and timer according to type of glue, thickness of wooden parts and density of wood. Adjusts clamps according to size of a...
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9) Buckle Gluer Employment Contract
Brushes glue over surface of metal buckle frames presses precut leather or fabric over frame. Trims excess material wi...
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10) Scarf Gluer Employment Contract
Glues scarfed plywood panels together to form panels of specified length. Spreads glue on scarfed edge of panels, using roller, brush or putty knife. Places panels on worktable, fits glued-scarfed edges together to form joint and staples corners of panel to hold them together...
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