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Acid Plant Helper Job Contracts Examples

Job Contract Examples:
Looking for free acid plant helper job contracts examples that help to format a template and write employment agreement documents for signing with your candidates? view the following results.
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1) Acid plant Helper Job Contract
Acid plant Helper Job Contract Template
Tends furnace, absorber, cooler, scrubber, and auxiliary equipment used in producing phosphoric acid by oxidation hydration of elemental phosphorus. Patrols work area; observes water levels in scrubber, venturi-duct pan and cooling-tower basin; and reads flowmeter pressure ga...
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2) Digester cook Helper Job Contract
Feeds wood chips soda ash or acid into digester that processes wood chips into pulp. Unbolts and removes digester cover, using wrench chain hoist. Lowers feed pipe into digester, using hoist and pushes button or turns handwheel to load digester with wood chips. Push...
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3) Laborer Filter Plant Job Contract
Cleans water filter beds. Holds suction pipe to transfer sand gravel from filter bed onto regrading screens. Washes & simultaneously screens sand and gravel to remove foreign particles grade material according to size, using water hose. Turns handle to backwash reverse wa...
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4) Driver Helper Sales Route Job Contract
Aids Driver, Sales Route in providing sales, services, or deliveries of goods to customers over an established route, performing any combination of the following duties. Loads and unloads truck at beginning end of trip. Carries merchandise from truck to customers home o...
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5) Blow pit Helper Job Contract
Assists Blow-Pit Operator paper pulp in washing pulp to remove cooking acid. Pulls lever to close blow pit drain covers. Dumps pulp from digester into blow pit. Turns handwheel to open drain valves that permit gravity drainage of cooking liquor into recovery vat or sewers. Flushes r...
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6) Spray Painter Helper Job Contract
Assists Painter, Spray I 741. 684-026 to spray-paint surfaces of materials or products, performing any combination of following tasks. Loads moves materials to work area, using handtruck or dolly. Fills containers with prescribed quantities of paint thinner. Applies masking to...
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7) Oil burner servicer and installer Helper Job Contract
Assists Oil-Burner-Servicer-And-Installer in installing and servicing automatic oil burners in homes commercial establishments. Carries tools equipment, like burners, pipes, pipefittings, handtools, portable power tools, plaster and insulating mater...
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8) Specialty Plant Supervisor Job Contract
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in blending, compounding, packing, loading, and shipping special petroleum products, like asphalt paints, paint primer, mastics, and lighter fluid. Confers with department heads to coordinate work of department...
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9) Fire equipment inspector Helper Job Contract
Assists Fire-Equipment Inspector in testing, inspecting, and repairing fire-fighting equipment. Performs other duties as described under Helper Mas...
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10) Diesel mechanic Helper Job Contract
Assists Diesel Mechanic in overhauling maintaining diesel motors used to operate trucks, generators, and other equipment. Disassembles motor cleans parts. Obtains parts from stock hands tools to mechanic. Assists in reassembly, and cleans tools working area. Perfor...
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