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Ti Cover Letters

Ti cover letter

Example (cover letter #351) template & doc format.

Develops work measurement procedures and directs time-and-motion studies to promote efficient and economical utilization of personnel facilities. Directs or conducts observation and analysis of personnel work procedures to define time-and-motion requirements of job duties. Analyzes work study data & equipment specifications to establish time production standards. Applies mathematical analysis to define validity and reliability of sampling work study statistics. Applies princip...

ti cover letter template

Elevating grader operator cover letter

Example (cover letter #20841) template & doc format.

Operates self-powered or tractor-drawn elevating grader to plow and scrape up dirt deposit dirt in trucks, stockpiles, or earth fills. Starts engine to drive machine or signals Tractor Operator any industry to guide movement of tractor-drawn machine. Moves levers to raise & lower plowing disk...

Floating labor gang supervisor cover letter

Example (cover letter #21153) template & doc format.

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning and maintenance of industrial buildings grounds. Inspects work areas to define type of work required and materials equipment to be used. Directs workers in projects, like construction of ditches & roadways grading drainage areas. Operates equipment, like bulldozers and graders trains workers in equipment operation. Performs other duties as described under Supervisor Mas...

Continuous drier operator cover letter

Example (cover letter #10591) template & doc format.

Tends drying chamber that removes moisture from felt strips. Opens steam valves to heat chamber to specified temperature and opens closes vents in chamber to control ventilation. Attaches leading edge of felt strip to hooks of conveyor starts machine to draw strip through drying chamber. Clamps leading edge of strip to winding drum as strip emerges from chamber. Cuts strip with knife when specified amount of felt is woun...

Superintendent production cover letter

Example (cover letter #2338) template & doc format.

Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in laying out of new citrus groves maintenance of mature groves, owned by packinghouses or other absentee companies. Analyzes soil to define type quantity of plant food required for maximum production. Directs amount & kind of insecticides and fungicides to be used method of application. Keeps company officials informed of condition of groves, quantity of crops estimated for harvesting, and other fa...

Production broacher cover letter

Example (cover letter #11620) template & doc format.

Operates one or more previously setup broaching machines to broach internal or external surfaces of metal workpieces to specifications, on production basis. Examines blueprints or work order to define finished specifications of workpiece. Lifts workpiece manually or using hoist and places secures it in holding fixture, using handtools. Starts machine, observes operation, and verifies conformance of broached workpieces to specifications, using measuring instru...

Supervisor gelatin plant cover letter

Example (cover letter #9643) template & doc format.

Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in processing skins, splits, and trimmings to produce gelatin. Directs workers engaged in chopping, washing, liming and cooking of stock, according to procedures specified for type of raw material in process. Estimates weight of stock in vats specified amount of lime to be used in cooking. Performs other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...

Hydrostatic tester cover letter

Example (cover letter #22567) template & doc format.

Inspects gas cylinders to detect surface defects tests elasticity of cylinder walls. Removes valve from cylinder, using wrench or valve-removal machine Inspects exterior interior of cylinder to detect dirt, rust scale, dents and arc burns. Fills cylinder with water, seals cylinder immerses cylinder in water-filled jacket, using chain hoist. Screws fittings turns valve or starts pump to create pressure that expands cylinder wall. Compares pressure gauge or burette reading with...

Lead section supervisor cover letter

Example (cover letter #11880) template & doc format.

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in extruding lead ingots into wire, swaging wire into cartridge components, like bullet slugs point fillers, and recasting scrap into ingots. Assists workers in adjusting equipment. Performs other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Mas...

Textile designs sales representative cover letter

Example (cover letter #4540) template & doc format.

Sells textile-pattern designs, and screens rollers for printing patterns on greige, to textile converters. Displays design drawings to customer, examines sample of customers greige on which pattern is to be printed and aids customer in selection of colors designs, utilizing knowledge of textile, inks and types of weaves. Submits greige sample to own firm for printing of selected design shows printed sample to customer for approval. Writes sales orders f...

Facilities planner cover letter

(cover letter #510)

Plans utilization of space and facilities for government agency or unit or business establishment consistent with requirements of organizational efficiency and available facilities funds. Inspects buildings office areas to evaluate suitability for occupancy, considering such factors as air circulation, lighting, location and size. Measures or directs workers engaged in measurement of facilities for defining total square footage available for occupancy. Computes square...

Fire prevention bureau captain cover letter

(cover letter #5116)

Directs coordinates activities of personnel of municipal fire prevention bureau. Directs building inspection, arson investigation and distribution of fire prevention publicity material. Confers with officials or civic representatives to improve fire safety fire education. Directs public information program for adults and juveniles, like talks demonstrations on resuscitation, fire safety, and home-safety inspections. Oversees review of new building plans...

Tile finisher cover letter

(cover letter #20969)

Supplies mixes materials for Tile Setter 861. 381-054, applies grout, and cleans installed tile. Moves tiles, tilesetting tools and work devices from storage area to installation site manually or using wheelbarrow. Mixes mortar & grout according to standard formulas request from Tile Setter , using bucket, water hose, spatula and portable mixer. Supplies Tile Setter with mortar, using wheelbarrow shovel. Applies grout between joints of installed tile, usi...

Automatic pinsetter mechanic cover letter

(cover letter #12524)

Adjusts repairs automatic pinsetting bowling machines, following maintenance manuals, schematics, and knowledge of equipment, using handtools, power tools, and testing equipment. Observes operation of machine to define nature cause of malfunction. Tests relays, solenoids, transformers, electric motors and wiring for defects, using continuity tester, ammeter and voltmeter. Disassembles and replaces or repairs mechanical electr...

Water purification chemist cover letter

(cover letter #553)

Analyzes water in purification plant to control chemical processes which soften it or make it suitable for drinking. Analyzes samples of filtered water for making sure that quantities of solids left in suspension are below prescribed limits. Determines amounts of liquid chlorine to be used in chlorinators to destroy microbes & other harmful organisms, basing amounts on findings of Microbiologist profess. kin. br Determines kinds amounts of chemicals to be used in re...

Animal treatment investigator cover letter

(cover letter #6099)

Investigates animal cruelty and neglect charges performs related duties to promote compliance with laws regulating animal treatment. Observes areas of alleged violations interviews available witnesses to define if laws are being violated. Informs persons perpetrating inhumane acts of laws penalties for violations. Reports violators to police or requests police to arrest violators. Aids animals in distress by feeding starving animals freeing trapped animals. Re...

Motion picture commentator cover letter

(cover letter #1364)

Makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of br Reads from script speaks into microphone as film is being projected, timing comments to fit action...

Casting operator cover letter

(cover letter #6924)

Controls pouring station in which aluminum aluminum alloys are cast into ingots. Regulates flow of molten metal from ladle or directly from melting furnace into trough feeding casting molds of casting unit. Regulates flow of metal from trough into molds by adjusting screw valves at bottom of trough. Controls cooling conditions of casting unit by maintaining constant level of metal in molds regulating series of valves to spray water against molds to produce ingots of uniform cryst...

Inspection machine tender cover letter

(cover letter #14505)

Inspects finished or unfinished cloth for weaving or finishing defects, using power-driven examining frame. Pulls fabric over rollers, down over inspection board and wraps cloth end around takeup beam or tube, or positions supply truck under swing-folding attachment. Sets yardage clock at zero presses button or pedal that starts movement of cloth over inspection board. Scans cloth for defects, like grease spots, slubs, mispicks, uneven selvages, and irregularities...

Dairy scientist cover letter

(cover letter #674)

Conducts research in selection, breeding, feeding, and management of dairy cattle. Studies feed requirements of dairy animals nutritive value of feed materials. Carries out experiments to determine effects of different kinds of feed environmental conditions on quantity, quality and nutritive value of milk produced. Develops improved practices in care and management of dairy herds and use of improved buildings equipment. Studies physiology of reproduction...

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