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21) Laborer Brush Clearing Cover Letter
Cuts trees, brush, and other growth, using chain saw, ax, brush-hook, and other handtools to clear land for construction, forestry, logging or agriculture activities, to remove infestation, or to control growth along utility, highway, or railroad right-of-way. May pil...
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22) Laborer Building Maintenance Cover Letter
Keeps premises of office building, apartment house, or other commercial or institutional building in clean orderly condition. Cleans polishes lighting fixtures, marble surfaces and trim and performs duties described in Cleaner I Master Title. May cut trim grass and a...
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23) Construction Laborer Cover Letter
Being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being honest and ethical, being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude, maintaining composure, k...
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24) Company Laborer Cover Letter
Works in underground or surface mine, pit, or quarry, or at tipple, mill, or preparation plant, performing any combination of following tasks. Cleans working areas and haulage tracks; digs maintains drainage ditches; or shovels muck, ore, coal, or rock aside, into cars, or onto conve...
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25) Shipyard Painting Supervisor Cover Letter
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in painting parts, equipment, ships, and buildings in ship boat building establishment. Trains new workers in operation of painting equipment. Inspects surface of area to be painted for defining worker a...
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26) Laborer Shipyard Cover Letter
Performs following tasks in shipyards. Loads vehicles, using handtruck or dolly. Washes trucks other vehicles. Cleans ships, piers, drydocks, and other working areas, using broom water hose. Opens shipping crates, using hammer pinchbar. Sorts lumber, metals, and other scrap...
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27) Laborer Pole Crew Cover Letter
Installs steel posts used to support street lights, traffic signals, and power lines. Guides post into position on previously installed base as it is lowered by truck-mounted hoist. Sights post against previously installed post, or uses carpenters level and inserts...
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28) Airport Maintenance Laborer Cover Letter
Maintains and repairs airport facilities grounds by performing any combination of following tasks. Operates sweeping machine to clean streets of dust trash [Street-Sweeper Operator government ser. ]. Operates power mower to mow lawns fields of airport. Plants, wat...
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29) Laborer Concrete mixing Plant Cover Letter
Performs any combination of following duties in concrete mixing plant. Verifies amount of aggregate in storage bins by visual inspection and turns swivel head to direct aggregate into specified bin. Tends electrically powered conveyor or pneumatic pump to hoist cement f...
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30) Laborer Wash and dye House Cover Letter
Assists Dye-Reel Operator to bleach or dye cloth, performing any combination of following tasks. Mounts cloth rolls on brackets feeds end of cloth through swing-folding attachment of machine that unwinds cloth into handtruck. Hangs end of cloth over winding reel in dye b...
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