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41) Fingernail Former Cover Letter
Forms artificial fingernails on customers fingers. Roughens surfaces of fingernails, using abrasive wheel. Attaches paper forms to tips of customers fingers to support shape artificial nails. Brushes coats of powder and solvent onto nails paper forms with handbrush to extend...
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42) Counter Former Cover Letter
Tends forming machine that restores shape to heel counters of finished shoes. Adjusts temperature of forming iron positions shoe on iron. Depresses pedal that moves presser arms, forcing counter against iron to restore shape to counter. May remove wrinkles, using hand iron. May shape o...
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43) Club Former Cover Letter
Adjusts loft lie angle made by club face to neck on golf club irons to specified angle, using hammer. Reads work order to define number model of club being formed. Reads chart specifying angle of loft & lie for club measures angles, using bench-size protractor or gauges. Places forging...
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44) Round corner cutter Operator Cover Letter
Tends machine that cuts round corners on paper goods printed products, like notebook paper, tablets, pamphlets, and booklets. Reads job ticket to define number of items to be processed and number designation of corners to be rounded. Adjusts rounding dies to specifi...
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45) Brace End Mainspring Former Cover Letter
Bends brace end of watch mainspring to match inside of mainspring barrel, using hand bending tool. Places brace end against pin in center of tool, using tweezers. Turns clamp to secure brace end in tool manipulates tool handle to bend brace end to specif...
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46) Stunt Performer Cover Letter
Performs stunts, like overturning speeding automobile or falling from runaway horse, and participates in fight-action scenes for motion picture, television, or stage production. Reads script and confers with Director, Motion Picture motion picture & Director Of Photography mo...
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47) Preformer Impregnated Fabrics Cover Letter
Lays up fiberglass resin-coated fabrics on plaster, steel, or wooden forms to mold plastic parts for products, like boats, sporting equipment, automobile bodies, and airplane seats. Cleans form with solvent sprays it with parting agent, like wax or soap. Cuts fabric...
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48) Mainspring Former Arbor End Cover Letter
Forms arbor end arbor spiral on watch mainsprings so arbor end will fit snugly around arbor hole, using hand forming tool. Mounts mainspring and arbor blanks in forming tool, using tweezers and moves levers to form specified e...
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49) Buffing wheel Former Automatic Cover Letter
Tends forming machine that folds, gathers, and presses cloth into groove of lacing to produce buffing wheels. Lifts roll of cloth on holder or draws end from box and threads it through guides over steam pipes. Removes front section of winding drum, places lacing o...
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50) Glass bulb machine Former Tubular Stock Cover Letter
Operates automatic, multiunit machine to form bulbs other glass products from tubular stock. Loads glass tubes in feed mechanism and clamps collets around rods to secure position tubular stock for molding process. Observes operation for defining variations fro...
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